905 NW 17th will bring a fresh, new statement to an old, historic Portland district. As the central heartbeat of Portland’s rich past, it will draw modern-day adventurers, well-traveled professionals, and community-seeking individuals alike.

It’s all about getting back to its Portland roots. It’s about honoring its east-meets-west history. The approach will be a tasteful yet sharp contrast between “dressed-down old Portland”, and layers of clean, contemporary, and refined European lines. Faded hues inspired by the patina and weathered landscape of both Portland and its Eastern ancestors, 905 NW 17th will exude quality and handmade authenticity.

Packed with precious euro-sized amenity features, 905 NW 17th emphasizes quality over quantity. Spaces are multipurpose. They intermingle with their residents. They connect their residents. Mature, authentic, detail-focused.

905 NW 17th will pave the way for a new approach to living in this scenic, urban neighborhood.