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Open Dining Floor Plans for Holiday Feasts

The holiday season is upon us, which means family feasts and parties with friends! When hosting these events for family and friends, having an open floor plan for the dining room and kitchen makes for a much better entertaining experience.

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GHID's Fall 2015 Media Wrap Up

We were mentioned in so many articles that it is worth writing a wrap-up about it, highlighting all of the great outlets that wrote about us!

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5 Cozy Fireplaces to Enjoy This Winter

While the fireplace unit itself is not always the most aesthetically pleasing, the surrounding tiles, mantle, and living room furniture can really frame a fireplace and make it something very pleasing to the eye!

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5 Reasons Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Better Than Doing It Yourself

While DIY can be fun, having an interior designer on board will reduce the stress in your life. Here are 5 reasons why hiring an interior designer is better than doing it yourself!

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How to Interview a Contractor For a Project

Before the contract is signed, there are some things you should be sure of.

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How to Decorate With Wallpaper in 2015

Wallpaper is in! Yes, you are reading this in 2015. Wallpaper is back in style, after having a long run as something to be avoided.

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Street of Dreams 2015 Wrap up

Missed out on this year's Street of Dreams? Don't worry we have you covered. 

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Press Release: Interior Design Firm Refuses to Design a Typical Kitchen

Portland, Oregon, --Garrison Hullinger Interior Design showcases their unique kitchen design work at Street of Dreams.

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Vendor Highlights: A Showcase of GHID's Key Vendors

Photo by Blackstone Edge This year's Street of Dreams sees Garrison Hullinger Interior Design working on two homes. While we would love to take all the credit for the gorgeous interiors, we really can't! We have to thank our fantastic vendors that we source some of our materials from, and today's blog is all about giving them a shoutout and letting you know where to look when you are touring the homes this summer.



Caesarstone is a maker of high quality quartz countertops, and offers a large variety of colors and textures. They also hold several acknowledgements for their commitment to environmental friendliness. This combination of quality and environmentalism is the reason we love using Caesarstone in our projects.



Krownlab is known in the Portland area for making modern sliding barn doors. Their innovative design for this simple yet effective feature has made them famous for making a high quality piece of hardware that is certainly very popular right now!

Oregon Tile and Marble


As the name suggests, Oregon Tile and Marble specializes in tile and marble, as well as other materials, with an emphasis on the Pacific Northwest. Their high quality products were an easy choice when we needed these materials for the houses we designed.

George Morlan


Plumbing: a perhaps sometimes under-appreciated aspect of home design, but an extremely important one! George Morlan has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to trends in plumbing products, and promoted DIY before any of the big hardware stores did! With a long history of serving Portland, we have been happy to get plumbing supplies through this company.

Macadam Floor and Design


Macadam Floor and Design is another great flooring company that we are proud to be working with. We know we are getting high quality service with Macadam because they exclusively deal with builders, and work with homeowners through the builders, ensuring the professionals are always in the loops!

Medallion Industries

Medallion Industries

Medallion is a local expert in windows and doors, and our clear choice to supply specialty products in both categories! They offer a wide variety of windows and doors, meaning that we could find whatever kind of product we needed, no matter what!

Chown Hardware


Chown is yet another local NW company, and is a supplier of a lot of different hardware pieces that were useful in creating the interiors of the Street of Dreams homes. Whether its faucets, door handles, or cabinet hinges, they have what you are looking for!

There are so many other venders we'd like to thank West Elm Portland, Rejuvenation, Williams Sonoma, Caplan Art Designs, Master Woodworks, and so so many others! We recommend stopping by Street of Dreams and grabbing a magazine that lists all our vendors. We couldn't make our Street of Dreams designs happen without all of you!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor



Working with a contractor for building or remodeling can be a great experience, but there is plenty to think about and make sure of before you work with anyone. After all, you are working with strangers, from a company you may not be familiar with, and it is important to familiarize yourself with their operations before committing to a project plan.

Who Will Be Involved and Who Will Be at My House?

Depending on your project, there could be any number of people on your property working for any amount of time. To put yourself at ease in terms of personal safety and confidence that the project will be done, you should ask your contractor who will be working with them on the project, and what their specialties are. This will tell you why each person involved is going to be involved, and will give you a good idea of how much supervision higher level employees in the company will have on those working on the project.

Who Am I Going to Be Communicating With and How Will That Communication Be Carried Out?

Communication is key when working with contractors, as project status needs to be shared with you, questions and concerns need to be addressed, and changes in the plan need to be known by all involved. If there is only one person who you are working with, then it's easy. It just becomes a matter of establish when and how the communication is done, and what level of detail is needed. If there is a whole team of people working on your project, it is important to identify who is in charge of the information and who will be the most up-to-date on project details. It is also important to make sure that the person in charge has an effective way of communicating with their other workers.

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Is My Project the Kind That You Specialize in or Enjoy Doing?

You want to ensure that your contractor puts attention into your project, and shows that they care about it. Some contractors specialize in certain projects, like kitchen or bathroom remodels, and therefore may not be the best choice if you are looking at a full house remodel, or an add-on bedroom. If they have experience in the kind of project that you want done, then you will feel more secure in your choice, and worry less about how your project is going along.

How Many Projects Do You Have Going at One Time?

This is a great question to get the contractor talking if you have reservations surrounding how much attention will be paid to your particular project. It will also give you an idea of the employee structure and quantity, as your contractor will likely talk about how many employees the company has and how many simultaneous projects this allows them to work on. If they are working on multiple projects at a time, it is good to find out if they are managed by separate people or if there is a single project manager splitting their attention between all of them. This will help you narrow down what company you want working on your project, if you are seeking a more personal touch, of if it is not a concern.

Do You Have Any Concerns or Suggestions About This Project?

While a remodel or construction project may be your idea, one of the reasons that you are using a contractor in the first place is because they know what they are doing more than you do. Asking them up front about your ideas will ensure that nothing will come up partway through the project that ends up being unfeasible. The contractor will be able to give you immediate feedback on the feasibility of your ideas, and if it is realistic to want that. They can point out things that can be done in a more effective way than you had in mind, and through this collaboration, end up with an even better final product!


Picking a contractor can be stressful, even with recommendations from friends, architects, and online reviews. However, knowing what questions to ask to learn what you really want to find out can make the entire process so much easier! Are there other questions that you have found to be valuable? Share them with us!

GHID's Top 5 Kitchen Designs!

Many people's favorite room in the house is the kitchen. When looking for a house, a bad kitchen can be a deal-breaker. Regardless of how much time you may spend in the kitchen, you want it to be everything you need when you do need it. At Garrison Hullinger Interior Design we believe that the kitchen should be a centerpiece of the design, and we take great pride in our kitchens. Today we'll be sharing some favorites, and talking about what makes them so great! Let us know if you agree, and what your favorite kitchen features are.  

garrison hullinger interior design, best kitchen design, kitchen interior design, white cabinetry

This kitchen is an eye catcher! With two massive islands, this can become the ultimate entertainment space, without letting the host get lost in the kitchen preparing food. The outside edges of the kitchen become part of the event, welcoming guests just as much as the black and white contrast between countertop and cabinet, and the ceiling that draws your eye upward. Lots of light sources, and glass upper cabinets make the space feel open and light,

garrison hullinger interior design, best kitchen design, kitchen interior design, white cabinetry

Not too big and not too small, this kitchen has all the right comforts. It has a cozy aesthetic, combining white cabinetry with darker wood colors on the floor and island. Natural tones shine in this space, and the stainless steel appliances are unobtrusive enough that nature is still the focal point! The bar island is perfectly placed for entertainment or just a family meal!

garrison hullinger interior design, best kitchen design, kitchen interior design, white cabinetry

With an emphasis on storage and open space, this kitchen seems simple but is very effective. It once again draws on the contrast between dark flooring and white cabinetry, and provides more than enough storage for any kitchen needs! Massive open area between counters makes navigating this kitchen with multiple chefs an easy task. The huge curved island allows for entertainment to happen at the fringes of the kitchen space with plenty of room left over for preparing food.

garrison hullinger interior design, best kitchen design, kitchen interior design, white cabinetry

We feature this kitchen on our home page for a reason! It is a stunning white kitchen  that is both cozy and wide open. It has somewhat of a farmhouse style, which is modernized with white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Subtle hints allude to a more classic inspiration, whether that be in the lighting fixtures, the bar stools, or the legs of the island. Multiple large windows let in plenty of light, meaning any cooking experience in this kitchen is refreshing and well-lit!

garrison hullinger interior design, best kitchen design, kitchen interior design, white cabinetry

There is an interesting contrast of white and darker brown woods, but it all works together. This kitchen is all about using different materials and tones together and still having it work. Look at the white cabinetry, the darker cabinetry, the flooring, the backsplash tile, and the granite countertop. They are all quite different materials and colors, but somehow they all work together cohesively and are referenced throughout the kitchen.


Those are some of our favorite GHID kitchens! Do you have your own favorites?

Detecting Your Interior Design Style: Mad for Mid-Century Modern

Identifying Your Design Style

Two years ago here on the GHID blog, we had a series called Detecting Your Interior Design Style. In it we covered Eclectic, Contemporary, Traditional, and Modern styles! Today we are reviving this old series with a brand new season of exciting episodes, the first of which will cover mid-century modern style!


What is the Definition of Mid-Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid-Century Modern is essentially just what it sounds like. It is a style that was first popular from roughly the 1940's to the 1970's, and came out of Word War II as designers opted for a more organic and simple style, full of curves and geometric shapes. The term was popularized in the 80's, with the release of Cara Greenberg's book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. The term applies to furniture, architecture, and art. In architecture, Mid-Century Modern homes can be identified by a large amount of windows and an open floor plan, and almost are always found in post-war suburbs. These homes were designed to bring a modern touch to these suburbs, and met the needs of the average American family at the time.


Let's Get Familiar with Mid-Century Modern

Organic shapes and a desire to incorporate nature into interior design is a staple of Mid-Century Modern.



While natural, curvy shapes were incorporated, there was also an emphasis on geometric shapes. The key was to get the two to work together in harmony!


Walls of windows and fold-up furniture with multiple uses were both popular when this style first began, and can still be used very tastefully today!


Hopefully  this gave you a jumping-off point to do your own research. What style should we tackle next here on the blog? Let us know in the comments!

The Best Accessories that Just Make a Room Pop


Accessories and other small details are really what make a room come alive. Furniture and paint are great, and are the major components of a room, but it is the tiny details that pull everything together and add subtle touches of style! Garrison Hullinger Interior Design knows all about using accessories to the best of their ability, and in this blog we will be discussing how best to use these small details to really make your rooms pop!


Practical Accessories Are the Best Kind!

Here at GHID we love our accessories, but it is important to strike a good balance between form and function in your home. We believe in functional and useful accessories that serve the dual purpose of looking fabulous and also being really handy! Our designers' favorite accent is none other than the simple decorative box! It doesn't get much more simple than a box, and it doesn't get much more practical either! Decorative boxes can contain the clutter of a coffee table, and then easily hide away when you need the


Use Big Pieces Rather Than a Lot of Small Ones

It is up to your personal preference of course, but here at GHID we prefer to decorate with a few carefully selected large pieces rather than a lot of small pieces. There are tasteful ways to display your collections of small items, but we prefer a simpler and more streamlined look. Our designers like to keep things in scale with the larger furniture pieces so that nothing looks out of place. The accessory has to go with everything else and not break up the theme or style of the space.


Don't Be Afraid to get Creative!

Our designers love getting creative when they are picking out accessories, and you should too! For example, objects like books make great accessories. The term "coffee table book" doesn't exist for nothing! Don't be afraid to add in a stack of books to a table if the colors work well. Pieces found at antique stores can give your home a unique look too, especially if you refurbish them. Look for inspiration in unexpected places, and really bring your rooms to life in ways that will make your space stand out from all the rest!

GHID's designers love accessories that are practical, in scale, and creative, and we think that these three tenants of design can help anyone put those finishing touches on a room that just needs a little extra something. Happy designing!

Why Restaurants Need Interior Design

Bar_0085 Sure, you hear a lot about interior design for homes and apartments, but did you know that restaurants need interior design too? Interior design in a restaurant is just as important as in a home; an eatery still has to make an impression, establish a style, and make you want to stick around and eat there! Today we will be talking all about how restaurants use interior design to get your stomach rumbling!

Commercial Design

Color Schemes

Color is always important, and in restaurants it is really not a whole lot different than coordinating colors in a home! Tablecloths, plates, chair patterns, and even napkins, count when it comes to color. An interior designer can make these coordinate well together while still capturing the feel of your restaurant, whether it is elegant, laid back, or all-natural. And of course you cannot forget wall color and the style of artwork. You may not have couches and accent pillows to match like in a home, but there are dozens of tiny details that need to be coordinated, else you run the risk of your image not being what you want it to be!

Commcercial Design

Space Efficiency

It is an age-old question of restaurants; how many customers can I seat in here? There are a lot of things to consider in the layout and design of the space to fit the ideal number of people. The first challenge is that there are plenty of different kinds of tables to choose from. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a combinations of booths, 4-person tables, and 2-person tables. It is best to get tables that can be pushed together for larger parties, but it is also good to consult a designer on how many of each type of table there should be and where they should be placed in relation to each other. And of course, how close the tables can be to each other, depending on how private you think each party should be.


Yes, even the restrooms of restaurants need to be designed consciously! The style and mood of a restaurant should be consistent in all areas that customers will be in and that includes the restroom. If the restaurant is dark and moody, don't fill the bathroom with white walls and fluorescent lights. Put in some candles and dark interiors to match the rest of the space! The experience of the restaurant should not be broken by a bathroom break!

Dining Design

Details and Accessories

The tablecloths, napkins, and plates are important, but the even smaller details help pull everything together. This is where interior design truly shines, yet you may not even notice its effect consciously! Many restaurants opt out of using a tablecloth, and use a bare table. Others included various kinds of candles to set the mood at each seat. And of course the overhead lighting is important. Again, the desired feel of the restaurant should be considered when it comes to lighting features. Does it need to be lit with bright fluorescent bulbs, or is it an intimate and quite establishment where some dim vintage lighting would work better. The tiny details really make a restaurant complete.

Wine Room

Without an interior designer, a restaurant is just a place to get food and to socialize. Good design makes going out to eat a full experience that engages all of the senses! You taste  and smell the food, you hear the background music, you touch the furniture, and you see the ambiance and mood of the restaurant. An interior designer really pulls these all together into one cohesive dining experience, and can make you feel like you have been transported somewhere far away just by a few key colors and details!


Photos by Blackstone Edge

Make Your Backyard a Room of its Own This Summer

With summer on all of our minds, we are likely imagining a lot of afternoons and evenings sitting out in the backyard or on the patio enjoying a nice dinner or the company of friends. However, not every backyard is ideal for entertaining. Even if our houses are nice, it is easy to neglect the outside if you just are not into yard work. Today we will be showing you some creative and simple (and some more involved and difficult) ways to make your backyard feel more like another stylish room in your house!

Make "Rooms" on Your Patio

Designating different parts of your patio or backyard for specific activities will help the area feel more like a series of rooms. A seating area, a garden, a water feature, a lawn for bocce or croquet... the options are endless, and dividing these regions with walls or different materials can help make them feel separate and distinct in purpose and in style, just like the rooms of your home!

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, photography by Blackstone Edge

This one is not exactly the easiest thing to do, but it can really be what makes a patio area into a great living space. Nothing breaks the flow of a party like the host going inside to prepare food. What if they didn't have to? What if all of the food was being prepared outside in a dedicated outdoor kitchen? This will make it so that you never have to leave the backyard during your event, and can focus on the conversation even when preparing delicious food!

Enhance Privacy

Creating a sense of privacy around your backyard can make it seem more like a room, because real rooms have privacy! You can create "walls" around your entertainment are by putting up actual decorative walls made of brick or stone, putting up terraces, or planting large hedges. This will make you and your guests forget about any neighbors or other distractions, because they will be out of sight and out of mind! In addition, these walls will make you feel like the area is walled off like a room.

Create Large Planters

If you do not quite want walls, then maybe a half-wall will work. Large planters can create a short wall that divides a space while keeping the view relatively open. It does act as a wall in that it will make you and your guests feel enclosed in a specified area. Additionally, you can put whatever trees or flowers or shrubs you want into these planters, to customize the level of privacy, the colors, and how closed off you want to feel.

Extend Your Interior Rooms

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Another way to make the most of your backyard this summer is to make it an extension of your home. This can be done in several ways, the most effective of which is to simply extend your style out of a room and to the outdoors. This works especially well if you have large French doors or a wall of windows between your home and backyard. Extend your style out by sticking with the same theme, colors, and patterns as the interior room, so that when your guests go outside, the only difference is some more fresh air and natural light!

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Completes Major Multi-Family Design Project

Entry_doors_5_9882.jpg Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Completes Major Multi-Family Design Project (Press Release)


Portland‘s award-winning interior design firm, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design (GHID) completes the newly opened multi-family project; Hub 9, a Holland Partner Group development in Hillsboro, OR.


Completed in April, 2015 Hub 9 has already reached record leasing numbers. The Hub 9 property is the first of three in a master multi-family project of over 700,000 square feet of multi-family space.


“We were thrilled to work with the development team at Holland Partners to provide a unique, out of the box, interior design plan that captures the desire of the resident in the units and is mindful of the budget and construction limitations while creating fresh unseen moments throughout the building.”


GHID provided the design work for the lobby, entry, mailroom, rope room, fitness area, clubroom, wine room, patio, hallways, and all units. The GHID team is excited to deliver a unique and collective interior design for the building that was designed by Leeb Architects, Portland, OR .


”The next GHID designed building to open at ORENCO will bring a great mix of material and color throughout the public spaces and pool area, all while giving the residents beautiful materials in each of the units. “

LR_w_Kitchen_IMG_0299.jpg GHID has completed the designs of the other two buildings in the master project that are planned to open over the next 8-10 months.



Photos by Blackstone Edge

Our Top 5 Bathroom Designs!

Over the years, Garrison Hullinger has built up an extensive portfolio of home interior designs. You've fawned over the lavish bedrooms, the vast kitchens, and the cozy living rooms, but today we are going to cover something that may be under-appreciated; the bathrooms! In this post, we will be showcasing our 5 favorite home bathrooms that we have designed!

Stonehenge Terrace's Elegant White Bathroom

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

This gorgeous master bathroom is in our Stonehenge Terrace project. The goal was to make the bathroom feel like a spa, and that was completely accomplished! The white cabinet, and luxurious tile and marble throughout give the feeling of being pampered, and the wooden doors feel like you are being led into a private spa room to be relaxed!

Trillium's Open and Simple Master Bath

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

This bathroom in GHID's Trillium project features wide open spaces. This home was designed as a dream home that the owners could grow old in, and has plenty of features that will become useful as the owners age. In addition to that, this master bathroom is designed in a timeless style that will always look good and fresh!

Stylish Luxury in American Spirit's Master Bathroom

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

The rest of the American Spirit project was designed for year-round entertainment. The lavish master bathroom may not be designed for entertainment but it is definitely designed to be enjoyed and appreciated. The detailed cabinetry frames the vanity, and the expansive shower is a gorgeous sight and the owners will certainly never find themselves wanting more space in there!

Soft Pastels in Camelia Court

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

Taking a turn from the usual style GHID uses, the Camelia Court project features a bathroom with subdued pastels. This room is smaller and simpler, but packed with details that make this bathroom cozy, bright, and very functional, all while looking stylish.

Natural Tones in Danish Luxe Revival

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Photography by Blackstone Edge

The master bathroom in GHID's Danish Luxe Revival project brings in natural tones and patterns to make a warm and comfortable bathroom. Foregoing clean white lines from other projects, this bathroom's highlights are its stonework surrounding the vanity and the details of its nature-themed accessories, like the tree on the wall and the green stool.   We hope you loved our bathrooms as much as we do! Maybe it is time to take a look at your own bathrooms and see if they keep up with the design in the rest of you home. Happy designing!

Making the Most Out of a Small Apartment

Small apartments are all the rage these days on interior design blogs. But to many of us, while they are fun to look at, they are not somewhere we could consider ourselves realistically surviving in. Today we're going to show you some ways to get the most out of a small apartment, and use that space to your advantage!

Get in the Zone!

CHIC_INTERIOR_DES_PORT_5 One of the best ways you can make your apartment seem larger than it is is by zoning off certain parts of your space for specific purposes. Give yourself a dedicated laundry area, a dedicated kitchen area, and a dedicated sitting area. Having a place for everything will help make it seem like there are distinct rooms for everything. If you live in a studio apartment, this is even more necessary!

Find Pieces with Multiple Uses

One big way to save space is by giving something multiple uses. If you find that you don't really need a dining room, get some bar stools for your kitchen counter or use your coffee table and couch for eating meals. The less items and pieces of furniture you can have in your apartment, the better, and figuring out alternate uses for things can be a lot of fun, too! Additionally, finding furniture that can fold up smaller when not in use is a great way to save space!

Use Visual Tricks

CHIC_INTERIOR_DESIGN_PORT_1_MAIN Trick your eyes and those of your guests to make the most of your small apartment. Using mirrors, long curtains, and glass fixtures. Want to make your kitchen seem bigger? Use glass on some of your cabinets! Want a room to seem larger? Strategically place mirrors on a wall! There are easy ways you can make your space look bigger on the inside!

Go Vertical!

Sheehan_BR_toward_Wall_IMG_0074 When there is not a lot of floor space, the only place left to go is up! Take advantage of vertical space by storing items out of sight on top of high cabinets and bookcases that do not quite reach the ceiling. But if you can, make sure your bookshelves and storage units go all the way up, so that the eye is drawn upward. And then use an eye-catching light fixture to keep the eye there!

Clear the Clutter

Nothing makes a space seem small like clutter! The first thing you should do to make any space (especially a small apartment) seem larger is to clear the clutter, and keep everything streamlined. The cleaner and simpler everything in your space is, the better. Display your collections elegantly rather than randomly, and don't overdo it. There is room for a certain amount of knick-knacks that enhance your style, but overall you should be clear and concise!   If you live in a small apartment, we hope these tips help you in your quest to get as much space as possible! Not only will some of these tips make your space look bigger, but will in fact save you valuable space! Let us know how you conserve space in your home! If you live in a small apartment, we hope these tips help you in your quest to get as much space as possible! Not only will some of these tips make your space look bigger, but will in fact save you valuable space! Let us know how you conserve space in your home!


Tips & Tricks: Make Your Interiors Seem Bigger Than They Are!

Plenty of us are plagued with a small room that just feels a little cave-like. It can be hard to make it feel more open and exciting, but today we are serving up some simple interior design tips and tricks to make your room spacious and fresh!

Paint the Trim

custom home, painting trim, home remodel

Differentiating the walls and the ceilings is a great way to make your space look bigger and better! Painting the trim (or even just painting a line on the wall itself) in between the two will make a big difference. Simply find a great contrasting color that works well with your look, and it will provide a nice visual barrier for your room.

Use Light Colors

light paint color, well lit room, room with windows

A dark colored room feels like a cave, and you know what caves are? Small and claustrophobic! One good way to make your room feel more open and big is to use light colors and let the light in. White or off-white are of course the preferred wall colors for this, but they will not reach their full potential unless you get some light into the room! Opening up the windows is a crucial step in making sure your space does not look like a cave!

Stop Using Overhead Lights

portland riverside apartment, use of lamps, natural light

Overhead lights draw the eye to the ceiling, which is the last thing you want if you are trying to make your space look big.  Try to avoid using a bright overhead light, and focus more on wall sconces and lamps so that the light is coming from the sides rather than from above. And as mentioned above, don't forget the natural light source revealed by opening the windows!

Use Clear Shower Curtains

glass shower, clear shower, make room seem bigger

Your bathroom needs attention too! The same rules about lighting and wall color apply to a bathroom, but in a room that may or may not have any windows, you need to get creative. One of the easiest things that you can do is to use a clear shower curtain. If you already have a shower with a sliding glass door then great job, your bathroom is already looking more spacious than it would otherwise! A clear curtain sacrifices privacy, but when you walk in you will love how much space your bathroom seems to have when you don't close off the entire shower.

Avoid Using Boxy Furniture

modern furniture, clean furniture, boxy furniture

This is an easy one! Don't get furniture with skirts around the legs. Find couches and chairs that are comfortable for you but do not take up a lot of visual space. Buying furniture with exposed legs, minimally puffy cushions, and light colors will help the most in making your furniture take up as little space as possible.


Hopefully these quick and easy tips and tricks help you out in your small space! Whether it's an apartment, or just a small home, we hope that this will inspire you to get working to perfect your space!

Pro Organization Inspiration For A Better Home Office

If you're like me, your home office is the space that needs the most love. I love all things organization, but for some reason my office space always tends to be a little...well, let's be honest, disheveled. But that's about to change! I went on a hunt for some inspiration for all things organization and I'm going to share them with you!

If your Office Reflects Your Style, You'll Be Excited to Pay Your Bills!

Make sure your space reflects you and your work. If you are a creative person use bright colors and unique art. If you are a minimalist person use softer tones and more bins to keep everything in it's right place. Whatever the case, make sure the space functions for you! After all, an office is for being productive, so it should actually promote productivity!

garrison hullinger, home office interior design, organization ideas, home office inspiration

Lack of Space? Not Anymore!

Whether you live in an apartment or a full sized house, space always seems hard to come by, and the office is often the room where all of the overflow ends up. take advantage of a tight office space by using creative storage solutions. If you need things handy, get a desk chock full of drawers. If you like minimalism and a clutter-free work space, get a lot of built in cabinets and a plain glass desk. Or get even more creative and get a cabinet unit with a pull-out desk, optimizating floor space when you're not at the desk!

GHID home office, designing with little space, beautiful home office, home office inspiration

Sharing Space With Style

Sharing a space with another person can be tricky, especially when it comes to your personal work area. There are numerous solutions to this problem but the easiest is probably to have common storage for basic supplies such as tape, staples, and note pads, and distinct personal storage areas for each individual's documents and supplies. This will make it seem like there are two distinct work stations, and nothing should get mixed up when you're both hard at work!

garrison hullinger, home office interior design, organization ideas, home office inspiration

Make It A Space That You Will Want To Never Leave

Don't be afraid to make a place in your home you will never want to leave. Work and paying bills can be daunting, why not do it in a space that you love and inspires you? Fill your office with your favorite artwork, a comfortable chair, or pick a room with a view! (Just don't get distracted by the view!)

garrison hullinger, home office interior design, organization ideas, home office inspiration


Let us know how you combat disorganization and clutter in your home office, and if these GHID designs look like great inspiration for your next office!