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Interiors Trends featuring Kallista Collection by Kohler Interiors Group

  We are always on the search to find what latest products and interiors trends are on the forefront. Lately, GHID has been "oo-ing and aw-ing" over KALLISTA's plumbing fixtures, and what I would define as:  jewelry for the home. A division of Kohler Interiors Group, the KALLISTA brand not only boasts exclusive designs along with 5 designer collections, but also has Kohler's leading technologies built inside making a stunning AND high-quality end product. Today, I'd like to highlight this amazing company and show you a very small sampling of some of our favorites from their designer collections. Be sure to check out their entire line here.

History of KALLISTA ... Where did it all begin?

Born out of a desire to bring sophistication and a sense of fashion to the bath and powder room, KALLISTA was established in 1979 in San Francisco, California by two Britons. Nearly 30 years later, KALLISTA has become the leading designer-based, full-suite collections plumbing manufacturer for the grand luxury market.

KALLISTA kitchen and bath products combine passion with a profound sense of aesthetic and functional efficiency. Meticulously crafted fittings and fixtures embody the principles of balance and synergy. Every KALLISTA design is made from the finest materials available, and is created to work in harmony with today's sophisticated interiors. Exquisite details – from surfaces finished by hand to cultured stone – are carefully articulated to express a simple, singular elegance. You can find KALLISTA bath and kitchen products in the finest showrooms throughout America. ---KALLISTA

Technology behind KALLISTA products

For Town Collection by Michael S. Smith Via

KALLISTA bathroom and kitchen products are renowned for their design sophistication and distinctive elegance. The extraordinary quality of these unique products, however, extends well beneath their luxurious surfaces. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Kohler Co. since 1989, their designers and engineers have unique and enviable access to the resources of the world's foremost name in plumbing quality and innovation.

Designer Collections for KALLISTA

One of my favorite parts about this company is its designer involvement. Kallista has teamed up with leading industry designers such as: Michael S Smith, Barbara Barry, Laura Kirar, Mick De Guilio, & Bill Sofield. Now that's a serious amount of talent and creativity! It's great to see experienced, imaginative designers paired up with such a high-quality product, truly a win-win for everyone. Now let's take a look at some of our favorites from our latest collections.

For Town Collection by Michael S. Smith

In designing the For Town collection, Michael S Smith created something that is timeless and classic. Inspired by the cinematic architecture of the 1930s and 1940s, the pieces feel appropriate in a variety of kitchen and bath environments - from a traditional New York apartment to a Mediterranean house in Bel Air.

Counterpoint Collection by Barbara Barry

Reflecting the minimal elegance of 1930s and inspired by the simplicity of modern design, Counterpoint has a chic sensibility and sophisticated presence of line.

Vir Stil Collection by Laura Kirar

In the Vir Stil collection, Laura Kirar marries compelling design details with beautiful modern forms. Designed for the person who appreciates the act of discovery, the individual pieces in the Vir Stil collection gradually and subtly reveal themselves over time.

Jeton Collection by Bill Sofield

The Jeton collection combines the classicism of 20th Century French architecture and the spontaneity of haute couture. Reflecting chic sensibility and presence of line, Jeton complements traditional and contemporary interiors.

Kitchen Sinks Collection by Mick De Guilio

Mick De Giulio sinks are built to last, fabricated with 16-gauge stainless steel for long term durability. Three stunning single basin sinks with a variety of chef-inspired options add style and functionality to any home

Absolutely stunning product, I hope this sparks the inspiration you need for your next kitchen or bath project. Happy Wednesday!