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How To Add Color Without Painting...

You've heard it before - the easiest way to add color to your space is to paint your walls. But if you live in an apartment and are prohibited to paint - or you're just into the whole white/neutral wall thing (not gonna lie, I'm a big fan - and so are art galleries) then you're looking for other ways to add color to your space.  

Check out a Garrison Hullinger Interior Design project from the Waterfront Pearl Condo development that we completed last year...We couldn't paint, but used almost every single one of our tips in the space to add vibrant pops of color throughout.

Area Rugs:

Adding pops of color via area rugs


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Waterfront Pearl Condo


Garrison Hullinger Interior Design condo design

Adding color to your space

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1. Area Rugs:

Area rugs are a great way to add a splash of color into your space. It can be a subdued color like a pastel purple, or incredible vibrant using eye-catching pattern in a wonderful array of colors (try carpet tiles).


 2. Artwork:

Artwork has become the go-to avenue for adding those must-have pops of color into a space - and why not? Incorporating color via artwork is awesome, and wouldn't you know it, the pieces look amazing on white walls (or the right neutral), it's no wonder why so many art galleries have implored them into their spaces. Art pops beautifully on white walls. You can go subtle with the artwork - monochromatic even - or add various pieces in the form of a gallery wall, with hints of color spreading throughout the composition, or go big with a bright statement.


 2: Accessories & Textiles:

This is a GHID signature - we love adding pops of color through accents; albeit pillows, lighting, accessories or accent pieces. Keeping the larger things, like your walls, a soft neutral or grey-based white and adding pops of color via the smaller items, makes it easier to change out color in your space.


3. Curtains:

If you want to add color to your space via your windows, look for brighter, richer colored curtains that ties the room together while still standing out against the rest of the room's decor. Deep colors like reds, purples or emeralds feel more traditional, while brightly-colored floral or geometric prints add whimsey.


5. Floral & Greenery:

If you really don't want to commit to a certain color, try opting for greenery or florals. This is a great way to add that splash of color into your space that can easily be changed out, seasonally if you wish - and who doesn't like fresh flowers?!

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