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Contemporary Basement Remodel...


It's always fun working with young families, especially those that are willing to take design risks and incorporate their own unique sense of style and personality into their spaces. That is incredibly true with two clients of ours who recently re-hired us to help remodel their basement.

We had worked with the family before, helping to complete their main living spaces as well as their children's rooms - now it was time to tackle the basement in hopes of creating a fun family space, perfect for entertaining.

Basement Remodel Inspiration

When we first meet a client to talk about their project, we always discuss what their visions are for their spaces (this goes for new clients as well as repeat). We ask them to pull images for us to discuss and often times refer them to as well as our GHID portfolio.

For this particular project, the client's ended up referring to one of GHID's portfolio images, Basement Design - Hancock Street.

Basement remodel inspired by contemporary designs by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

It's important for us to delve into the images that our client's present to us to really understand what it is about the image/project the client's are attracted to. In this instance, the client's loved the overall feel of the space and were drawn to the color selections, mix of textures and furniture configuration. We took this photo into consideration as we began planning their remodel as well as their furniture selections, and found the image helpful throughout the design process acting as a reference point for us designers.

Before Images

The client's basement just wasn't working for them - the color was dark and dreary, the carpeting needed to be replaced, they wanted to add a bar and they had a few unfinished areas, such as their bathroom and laundry room, that needed to be completed.

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Contemporary Basement remodel for a family

Basement Remodel Planning

First things first - the floor plan. We didn't change much as far as walls were concerned, and opted for a pretty open floor plan as the client's wanted a place to enjoy movies, play games and entertain. The client's also have two young children, so it was important for us to create a space for them to sprawl out and play.

Casual contemporary basement remodel

As we create a floor plan, we often compose rough sketches of the space to jot our ideas down quickly - often times this occurs during our initial meetings with the clients, as seen below.

Rough Sketches

Sketch of a bar area for a basement

Once our floor plans have been approved by our clients, we begin designing and drawing up the details, in this case, the cabinetry. You'll see that the rough sketch (see above) is fairly similar to that of the drawing below, only with a few more details necessary for our contractors.

Cabinetry Drawings

Cabinet Drawing and layout for a basement remodel

Basement Style Sheets

Once we understand the floor plan and all it's details, we begin sourcing product for the spaces. Lighting, hardware, plumbing fixtures ect... Here you can see our detailed style sheets and how we choose to present them to our clients.

For this particular project, the client's wanted something a little more hip and cool than the rest of their house, so we opted for more modern looking fixtures and furnishings to compliment the client's transitional tastes.

Interior Design ideas for a contemporary casual bar

Custom Media console design ideas

Interior Design ideas for a casual contempary laundry room

Bathroom design ideas


Family-Friendly Furniture & Accessories

Because the client's have two young children, durability and safety became our primary concern. We did our research and chose fabrics that were practical and easy to clean as well as frames with soft edges. We also made sure the sectional was cozy and could fit the entire family comfortably.

Family friendly furniture and accessories

Surface Selection and Design

When it comes to surface selection it's incredibly important to us - much like we discussed above - that we select material that is practical and long-lasting. All solid surfaces (countertops and flooring) are sealed and/or easy to clean. We opted for a ceasarstone in the laundry, a beautiful granite on the bar and a durable cork for the common area flooring. The tiles we selected are also durable, particularity the flooring which area all through-body stained.

Basement Construction Process

The construction for this type of project usually lasts a few months (depending on the size and scope of the work). We worked alongside Hereford Construction to ensure this was the case, and that our client's would have the opportunity to enjoy their new basement in time for Christmas.

Once the project is a go, we handed off detailed documents to our General Contractor that outlined all the details of the space. Paint colors, light fixture heights, hardware placement ect... As the designers on this project, we worked very closely with the contractors to ensure our client's visions became a reality. We visited the site once, if not twice a week to check in and answer any questions our contractors might have and to share in the excitement of the project with the homeowners.

Check out the process in the images below.

Great Room Construction Images:

Construction images during a remodel of a basement

Laundry Room Construction Images:

Contemporary Basement Remodel Construction Process

Bathroom Construction Images:

Contemporary casual bathroom remodel

Sneak Peek After Image

Check out our client's newly renovated and furnished, family-friendly basement designed with their active lifestyle and aesthetic in mind. The space will work perfectly for Superbowl parties as well as a quiet night in, playing board games or getting cozy and watching a movie. Thanks again to our lovely client's for allowing us to help with their space!

Casual contemporary basement remodel for a family

But Wait, There's More...

The client's custom art hasn't arrived just yet - but check out what's on it's way, thanks to the ever so talented artist, Brent Foreman.

Custom artwork for a basement


Stay tuned for more after images!