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Custom Mural for a Family Basement...

Yesterday we shared a family-friendly basement remodel GHID recently completed. From that entry, you'll see that the client's love color and aren't afraid of taking design risks. This was incredibly apparent as they embraced our vision for a custom mural on their brick wall.

As we began toying with the idea of this custom mural, we thought it would be fun to incorporate a sense of nostalgia into the space, and opted for a fun image of a bottlecap from Baltimore, the city where our client's met and fell in love. Cute right?!

Mural Inspiration

To say that the client's were excited about a custom mural, specifically this image, would be an understatement. They absolutely fell in love with it's fun and funky appeal and quickly gave us the green light. That's where our friends at Five Star Faux come in.

Five Star is known for their amazing faux finish work, however they also specialize in interior straight painting, cabinetry finishes, painted furniture as well as custom murals - all of which we often partner with them on.

Because the mural was a custom piece, we were able to make a few changes to the bottlecap image, including the date listed, size and colors used. To ensure these details were carried out, we formulated a template and sent over to our painters, see below:



Paint Colors


Mural Painting Process

As you can see, the brick wall was incredibly uneven in both color and texture so we opted to even out the wall by fauxing both the "red" and "white" sides of the wall. As you can see from the image below, Jennifer Warren from Five Star began working on evening out the red side of the wall by applying a white/plaster type paint to the brick.

Painting a custom mural on brick

painted mural on brick fireplace

Jennifer continues to even out the wall by painting red paint on the white side of the wall.

Painted mural on brick fireplace

After the wall is evened out and dried, Jennifer then uses a custom template to draw the bottlecap image onto the brick. Once the template has been outlined onto the brick wall, it's time to paint.

A few close ups...

Vintage looking custom mural painted on brick

custom vintage looking mural painted on brick

Final Product

And voila! - the completed product. Let's just say the client's expectations were exceeded ten-fold. What a dramatic statement this mural makes in their newly renovated family space. We love it!

Painted mural on brick as artwork


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