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Vintage Farmhouse Sinks...

I heart farmhouse sinks and was super excited when Garrison sent me a new sink source this past week, one that is not only based right here in the good ol' US of A but one that also specialized in the restoration of salvaged sinks and stoves. The company, called Gramp's Antique Kitchens has a pretty established offering not to mention a host of amazingly awesome retro green products. Take a look at a few of my favs.

Vintage Farmhouse Sinks & Stoves:

Can I have this right now?!

How To Incorporate Farmhouse Sinks Into Your Home's Interior Design

We love classically designed spaces, and often times that calls for a farmhouse sink. The name in and of itself may cause many to shy away from this awesome fixture style, however as you can see in a few of the spaces below, this type of sink can translate incredibly well in more contemporary settings. Yet

Using a farmhouse sink in your kitchen

Check out more salvaged sinks from another one of our favorite sources, Portland-based Rejuvenation.