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Interior Design Renderings...

  Presenting our ideas to our client's for the first time is almost as exciting for us as it is for them. And although our profession is 50% technical, the artist in us hopes they love and appreciate our work as much as we do. That being said, it's our job to ensure our client's thoroughly understand our vision for their space and because we're often proposing some sort of construction, the more visuals we have to help explain our visions the better.

We always present a floor plan to our client's so they understand where each item or element is to be place. Elevations are also typical, especially with any type of construction. And on occasion, a hand rendered drawing is presented to our clients.

Take look at a few hand-renderings we've presented to our client's in the past year. They do take time, but the end result is well worth it.

Hand-Rendered Drawings

New Home Design - Camellia Court

Bedroom decor ideas incorporating gray

Decor ideas for a master bedroom

Condo Interior - El Mar Drive

Interior Design rendering of a contemporary living room

Modern living room design

2012 NW Natural Blue Home

Drawing of a contemporary living room

Contemporary living room design by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design in Portland Oregon

Condo Interior - El Mar Drive

Canopy bed in a master bedroom

Master Bedroom design ideas using a canopy bed