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Nightstand Styling...

GHID has become known for our use of classic frames, textural neutrals, pops of color and our attention to detail. One area we pride ourselves in is finishing our client's spaces, which includes the styling of the space, mixing our client's belonging with new items and accessories we bring in on install day. There are two spaces that we pay close attention to - the cocktail table or ottoman as well as nightstands or side tables. The reason being that those areas are often neglected, as many of our client's are just not quite sure what to do with those spaces. As I began perusing the net with this topic in mind, I found myself on one of our favorite blogs - Emily Henderson - where I found a few great tips for styling your nightstand, all of which we use (we added tip #4).

Tips for Styling a Nightstand

1. Something with height -- in this case, lighting.

2. Something solid and horizontal to ground the table, like the tray/box or books.

3. Something sculptural to soften the difference between the vertical items and the horizontal items.

4. Something with life -- greenery or florals.

Tips via Emily Henderson

Decor for a nightstand

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