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5 Easy Bedroom Updates...

Updating your bedroom design and decor

Bedroom Updates Made Easy - 5 Options To Choose From

1. Start With New Bedding

GHID loves the look (and feel) of luxurious, classic and tailored bedding. And if you're looking to update your space without a big remodel, bedding is the most obvious choice. We would recommend grounding the room with timeless basics like a matelasse coverlet and coordinating euro shams, or simple duvets and sheeting in neutral colors. That way, when you're ready to update your space you'll only need to swap out a few items. A fun way to add color and interest to your bedding, and in turn your bedroom, is through sheeting, a colorful throw/coverlet or fun accent pillows.

2. Add a Statement With Pattern

A fun pop of pattern can easily update any space - why not the bedroom? A few geometric throw pillows and fun contemporary area rug (in this case, a cowhide) will help update your space in no time at all.

Adding pattern in your bedroom

3. Change The Mood With New Lamps

Lamps have come a long way since Einstein, capturing the attention of fine artists from around the world. These practical and essential household elements have become statement pieces, even works of art as seen in many of our GHID rooms. By switching out your table lamps you can update your space pretty quickly, especially if the lamp comes in a fun pop of color. Also, you can either switch out both lamps, or just one to create a more eclectic look.

DESIGNER TIP: If you opt to change out just one of the table lamps flanking your bed, just make sure the scale of both lamps are similar, that they provide the same type of light output (wattage, bulb type ect...) and that they compliment one another in color, style and height.

Interesting lamps used in a bedroom

4. Add Glam With A Mirror

Mirrored pieces add drama to any space - so why not add a little drama to the bedroom? Flanking your bed with mirrored nightstands, or mirrors hung above your nightstands is a fun way to bounce light around your space and add visual interest.

5. Go Big With A New Upholstered Bed

Upholstered headboards/beds are our favorite! We love upholstered beds in neutral, classic and textured fabrics (go figure), but with that being said there are endless designs and details to choose from. Nailhead? Tufting? Tw0 Fabrics? Ect...Upholstered headboards/beds are a great way to add height to a space, soften the room and create dimension and visual interest.


Ready to tackle your bedroom update? Let us know which of the 5 you decide to update!