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Madeline Weinrib's Carpet Collection...

I have a thing for beautiful and well crafted area rugs - so when I ran across interior designer, Madeline Weinrib's collection of hand woven carpets this past month, I was super excited (to say the least).

Her collections include bright hues, subtle neutrals and fine detailing, as well as graphic and understated patterns alike. I love the way she incorporates her keen sense of global styling mixed with a NYC inspired contemporary edge. You'd think she had been doing this her whole life...well, yes and no.

Madeline Weinrib & ABC Carpet

A great-granddaughter of the founder of fabled New York emporium ABC Carpet & Home , Madeline Weinrib grew up -- like Eloise at the Plaza -- surrounded by choice rugs, chandeliers, and exotic furnishings. But while Weinrib inherited her family's zeal for beautiful objects, she at first rejected the lure of that magical urban bazaar on lower Broadway. She wanted to be a painter, and the two worlds seemed irreconcilable. As Weinrib explains, "There was a real boundary between art and decoration then." In fact, 12 years ago, when she agreed to design a collection of cotton rugs for ABC Carpet, the gallery representing her paintings considered it a conflict of interest and asked her to leave. Weinrib was heartbroken, but ultimately found the split to be a giant leap forward creatively. (Elle Decor)

I think you can tell a lot about a piece of art or product, whether it's fine art, interior design or an electronic device, by taking a look into the creator's life and better yet, their personal home. I was intrigued by the images of Madeline's primary residence, located in Manhattan much like I was when reading about the home of Steve Jobs. The collections on her website translated beautifully in the home, and her aesthetic just seemed to make sense, click even. Madeline is obviously passionate about her designs and has incorporated it beautifully into her collections and into the home. Take a look...

Madeline Weinrib's Manhattan Home

Madeline Weinrib Carpet Collections - Global Impact

Her aesthetic has been referred to as "Global Impact", something I would describe as eclectic, bohemian and a little upscale hipster (if you will).

Denim Area Rugs

 Vintage Moroccan Area Rugs

Tibetan Area Rugs

Classic Dhurries Area Rugs

Flatweave Cotton Area Rugs

Chenille Metallic Area Rugs


Which collection is your favorite?