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How to Incorporate Mardi Gras Inspired Interior Decor Into Your Space...

  Mardi Gras, French for "Fat Tuesday", is a carnival held around the world to signify the season of Lent. Each city celebrates this festival differently, including our very own New Orleans, USA.

Held in the city's French Quarter, this New Orleans festival features special music, parades, picnics and floats, all of which create a dynamic sense of excitement the days leading up to, and on Fat Tuesday. So when you think of the typical New Orleans inspired Mardi Gras, you must think of beads, extravagant masks and the colors, purple, green and gold, right? And if you like these design elements and colorful hues that this celebration has come to embody, then why not make Mardi Gras a part of you everyday design and decor?

Let's explore some creative and fun ways to celebrate Mardi Gras in your home year round!


Did You Know?

As mentioned above, Mardi Gras colors are gold, purple and green, but you probably don't know what these colors represent without typing that question into your browser - at least I didn't. Look no further, because according to Mardi Gras New Orleans:

Gold = Power

Purple = Justice

Green = Faith

So next time you want to incorporate a thematic color into your space, and it just happens to be "power", "justice" or "faith", you'll know which colors to use!

Let's Start Celebrating...

Now that you know what Mardi Gras is, and what its colors signify, let's take a look at some beautifully designed interiors that incorporate the festival's colors of choice.

Bright Colored Home Decor

This fairly cool room could seem rather stark, however by incorporating a touch of eggplant, in this case via a beautifully designed modular sofa system by Usona, helps to bring some warmth into this very contemporary space. Since the room's surfaces are fairly monochromatic, I'd recommended incorporating a touch of bright yellow, gold and green accessories, that when mixed together with the eggplant sofa, brings Mardi Gras to life within the space.

Industrial Coffee Shop

I love this purple sofa and think that the arched windows and brick walls are absolutely stunning! So I pulled together some timeless pieces and great fabrics that would help tie in the Mardi Gras themed color scheme.

Traditional Space

These crisp white walls and pops of yellows call for richer accents, like that of deep purples and more subdued shades of green. Since the yellows are so vibrant in this room, less demanding colors such as plums, frog and apple greens, help to pull this room together.

Does the color description of the lumbar pillow "margarita green" make you want to be dancing on Bourbon Street?

Deux Mardi Gras Colors


Captivating shades of purple promote a luxurious look and feel in this home office. Lustrous gold accents add a powerful contrast to the richness of the purple, while the mix of fabrics, such as the satin and velvet, add a further interest to the space. Vertical gray and purple wallpaper pair perfectly with the mix matched pillows and flower patterned rug for a comfortable yet feminine room.


This Tobi Fairley room is beautiful! The gold sunburst mirror and mix of monochromatic green textiles help create significant depth to this space. The fabric featuring green peacocks reminds me of the rich colors in actual peacock feathers, which seemingly transports me to New Orleans, and all of the bright colors that line the city streets.

As I've shown you through the above examples, it's easy to incorporate Mardi Gras inspired interior decor into your own space. Just remember, inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a piece of confetti strewn across the streets of New Orleans!

We encourage you to share some Mardi Gras inspired spaces or how you've incorporated this look into your own home decor!