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What You Should Know To Jumpstart Your Design Project...

Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful. That's what all this is about, not what's in and what's out - Albert Hadley


The 2013 Portland Renovation & Remodeling Show was a hit! The event, which features exhibits, seminars, demonstrations, and other great activities related to design and renovation, provide homeowners with tons of information as to how to begin their own remodeling project.

As GHID is a part of NWSID, we were among four selected local Portland interior designers to offer free professional home design advice to homeowners who attended the show. The consultations we provided were 15-30 minutes, and although that seems like no time at all, it was still enough time to jumpstart some exciting new projects!

Thirty minutes is definitely not enough time to touch on every little detail of a design project, however it's absolutely suitable to discuss high level ideas and plans for a project. GHID knows this to be true which is why we provide a 45 minute introduction meeting to all our new clients.

So what kind of information should you have ready to discuss prior to your initial GHID consult? Take a look at the answers below...

30 minutes with Garrison Hullinger Interior Design will jumpstart your design project

Got a design project?

Are you limited on time and feeling overwhelmed with options...that's where an interior design team like GHID comes in.


As we've mentioned (above), 45 minutes (can absolutely be) enough (time) to jumpstart your design project. You're probably asking yourself why you didn't call an interior designer soon? If you look at the services that GHID offers, you'll likely understand the depth and breath of projects interior designers can accomplish for you and your design project.

  • Full Service Interior Design
  • Interior Decorating
  • Redesign of Existing Furnishings
  • Construction Specification – New & Remodel
  • Space Planning for Residential and Commercial Interiors
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Design
  • Flooring, Plumbing Fixture, Lighting Fixture and Countertop Selection
  • Fabric, Color & Interior Finish Selection
  • Furniture Reupholstery, Refinishing & Restoration
  • Custom Window Treatments & Bed Fabrications
  • Custom Furniture, Built-ins & Accessories Design
  • Area Rugs and Carpeting
  • Antique Purchasing
  • Original Artwork


Cheat Sheet...

We know that a 30 minute consultation is a limited amount of time, and will likely leave you feeling anxious to get as much information on the table and planning done as possible. There are specific questions that GHID will ask in every initial consultation, so plan on coming to your first meeting with all of the essential information and questions.


Be prepared to discuss:

  • What your budget is
  • The lifestyle you are trying to portray
  • What you'd like the outcome of the project to be
  • How you envision your home looking
  • Favorite products you'd like to incorporate into your design (i.e. Drake II by Toto)
  • Timeframe

It is important to have these questions answered prior to your meeting so that you can spend your 30 minutes effectively and efficiently.

Budget Tip: Knowing your budget price range & total cost ceiling, so that your designer can guide you on ways to economize in some areas so you can splurge on something wonderful somewhere else.



If you know that you like specific paint samples, or want to design your room around one piece of furniture or piece of art work, tell us so we have complete visibility into what YOU want! After all, we are designing your space around your unique taste. Also, feel free to come to your meeting with magazine cut outs or photos of things that you like, so your interior designer can better understand your design aesthetics.

Helpful tip: Come to your meeting with a clear understanding of any pieces of furniture that MUST stay or MUST go, so we have a clear idea of what elements we should factor into your design. 

Set it up...


We encourage and ask every prospective client to create a Houzz account, an online design and architecture directory with thousands of portfolio images to glean inspiration from, as well as potentially find your designer. On the site, you will be able to browse rooms that are categorized for an easier search experience and create ideabooks that will allow you to get inspired. Houzz also allows you to find the right professionals to work with and join a community of homeowners and design enthusiasts from around the world that are eager to help you!

Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality.


Trust is an important component when beginning a relationship with your interior designer, this is particularly true during the first consult. If you feel like you're just not vibing with the designer, then you may want to look for another designer to work with. However, we understand that relationships take time, just remember your interior designer should be viewed as your trusted advisor, as they'll be the ones developing the design plan and seeing it to fruition. Obviously, discussing your OWN home and interior design tastes is very personal because your home is your safe haven, but the sooner you trust your designer, the more you'll get accomplished.


 Open Mind...

It's common that you will not be in love with all of our suggestions, but...we ask that you have an open mind with us. A lot of the time, clients have a difficult time seeing the end product, but that's where we come in! We might recommend a piece of furniture or a wallpaper pattern that you're iffy about, but don't say no without giving the idea some time to sink in. It's likely that when you ask your designer explains why he or she chose it, and when you take a little time to live with it, you'll appreciate the reason it works.


Now that you are loaded with what to expect from a meeting with us - even a 30 minute meeting at trade shows like the Portland Renovation & Remodeling show - make the call to jumpstart your design project!

Helpful Tip: Leverage Houzz and interior designer portfolios to find the perfect interior designer for you!

Let your journey start now...


We encourage you to ask questions in the comments section!