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Ask the experts: Making A Strong Impression With Your Entry Way Decor

Front Doors and Home Decor

Setting the stage for your guests...

You’ve heard that first impressions are lasting impression, so why not make a first impression you’re proud of, right? I’m not talking about making sure your hair is just right or that you are wearing the right pair of fabulous heels, but I’m talking about making the right first impression within your home!

Since we're focusing on the entry way of your home versus the exterior, I quickly wanted to mention that your front door sets the expectation of what interior decor your guests will experience throughout your house. Don't forget to keep it consistent, if your front door is traditional, but your interior design is ultra modern, it might be worth you checking out some great new front door option on Houzz.

Impressive Entryways

Come on into my home...

Everyone's home is going to tell a unique story with their home, so it isn't worth making your entry way look exactly like someone else's entry way. You can certainly look at someones space and be inspired by it, but don't be afraid to incorporate little touches that represent you and feature things that are important to you! Is your family important to you? A clutterless entry way? Comfort? Organization? Your pets? Whatever is near and dear to you, make sure it translates into your space!

Let's walk through some fabulous entry ways together! I'll highlight some creative and fun ways to bring what's important to you into any space.

Beach Home Interior Decor

Down by the seashore...

3 ways to incorporate you and your family into this space...

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Filling interesting spaces with beautiful furniture

A splash of color...


3 ways to incorporate pops of color into your entryway...

Now that you've seen two separate entryways that incorporate personal touches that will still make a strong first impression for your guests, ask yourself:

  • What impression or lifestyle you’re trying to portray
  • What kind of great home accessories are going to help you achieve the lifestyle you want to achieve

For example, I love my family and the history of my family, so I use them to tell my guests that when you enter my home, I hope to create more memories and be around my loved ones. My favorite way to do this is through different sized, shaped and colored pictures frames, similar to the below picture.


Helpful Hint: If you're not so sure what you're impression you want to make, there is no right or wrong answer, so have fun and reflect whatever is aesthetically appealing to you!

Examples Of A Personalized Entry Way

An organizer for your entry way...

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Creative Ways To Feature Family Photos

Showing off your family...

Inspiring Entry Ways

Mix n' match...

Welcoming Entry Way

Bright and cheery...

Top 5 Things Your Entry Way Should Have

Entry halls must haves...

1. Something welcoming and pretty. This could be a pop of color via vases, picture frames and or artwork.

2. Fresh cut flowers. Support local and pick some seasonal flowers for pops of color.

3. A beautiful entry rug. Your rug doesn't have to match your wall color, so have fun with the pattern and color!

4. Yummy scents. I am a huge fan of candles or diffusers, but make sure whatever scent you choose that it isn't overwhelmingly strong.

5. A beautiful chandelier. Sometimes picking out a chandelier can be quite scary, but Houzz has made it super fun and simple.


Don't forget that your first impression is your last impression! Sign yourself up for a Houzz account to start your own lookbook for ideas on giving your entryway a facelift or create a lookbook to work with your local. It’s fun, easy and you can get lost on that site for hours!