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LED Trail Lighting: Stepping Up To The Plate For The Made In America Home

A Successful Home & Garden Show

As many of you know, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design partnered with Westlake Development to design the Made In America home that was at the Portland Home & Garden Show last week. The Made In America home featured all American-made products and was built in less than 36 hours – pretty impressive! Westlake Development and GHID were lucky enough to work with awesome vendors that donated products for us to feature in the Made In America Home. Today, we’ll be featuring LED Trail and outline their unique story.

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Sam Manafi, President of LED Trail stated that,

LED Trail is a Portland, OR based leading brand of commercial and industrial LED lighting products, we strive to bring exceptional value to our customers by offering them high quality, energy efficient LED lighting products to help them Save Energy and Save Money.


LED Trail was among our fabulous vendors and installed lights throughout the 2,200 sq. ft. Made In America Home.

Before we get started with LED's story, take a look at some helpful definitions of what all of the fancy LED lighting lingo means and may help you better understand LED lighting products - see below.

Helpful Lighting Terminology

Simplifying lighting lingo…

  • LED: Light-emitting diode, a semiconductor diode that glows when a voltage is applied. LED’s are tough by design, compact, and fully recyclable.
  • Incandescent: A filament is heated by electricity until it is hot enough to emit heat and light. Enclosed in a glass bulb and can contain harmful elements.
  • Halogen: Similar to an incandescent lamp, with halogen gas added to allow the bulb to perform at a higher temperature.
  • Lumen: A measurement of the total "amount" of visible light emitted by a source.
  • Re-lamping: The process of switching out lights for a home, commercial building, or facility.

Made In America LED Light Bulbs

Lighting up the Made In America Home...

LED Trail’s story is different from our other vendors that donated their products, because our other vendors provided their products prior to the Made In America Home was built. As LED Trail was setting up their booth at the Portland Home & Garden Show on Monday, they couldn’t help but notice the home being built and approached Garrison to see if they could install LED lights throughout the home. Garrison agreed to let LED feature their high quality energy efficient Pacific NW based product throughout the Portland Home & Garden Show.

The LED Trail team replaced the halogen light bulbs with the following:

Original light bulbs  Replacement light bulbs
 75W halogen  17W Douglas PAR-38 LED (waterproof)
 65W halogen  13W Douglas PAR-30 LED (waterproof)
 60W incandescent  7W RoseCity A-19 Dimmable

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All the LED lights were chosen to ensure that the same light output was equivalent to the halogen and incandescent bulbs, but were going to be a more energy efficient solution for the Made In America Home.

Why Use LED Trail Lights?

Just some of the LED customer and environmental benefits…


  • Longevity: LED lights last up to 50,000 hours
  • Temperature control: Traditional lamps waste too much energy in heat discharge, but LED lights harness a majority of the energy input towards creating light.
  • Safety: Low-voltage power supply reduces risk. No harmful UV radiation. No mercury or other dangerous elements.
  • Durability: LED lights have no glass components and are not susceptible to vibration, cold climate or accidental breakage.
  • Controllability: LED lights come on instantly at full brightness, but can also be dimmable.
  • Operation: LEDs generate minimal heat, and operate silently.
  • Environment: Minimal environmental impact, 100% recyclable, helps reduce greenhouse emissions.

What is next for LED Trail?

On the horizon…


LED Trail will continue its drive to remain a pioneer in driving down the cost of high performance LED lighting. Their next trade event will be at the LightFair International, the most prestigious global lighting event in the world in April 2013.

LED Trail has introduced ground breaking LED products that last up to 7 times longer than traditional lights, do not contain dangerous elements like mercury, and are almost 100% recyclable. Using LED Trail lights will help you Save Money, Save Energy and help the environment. LED Trail products are used in commercial, industrial and many residential projects. These products include high bay and low bay LED lights, LED streetlights, LED PAR lights, T-8 replacement LED lights, and really cool rigid and flexible RGB strip lights.

To learn more about LED Trail and LED lighting, visit their website at, Facebook, and Twitter.

They also hold monthly online Webinars where you can attend for free to learn more about how LED is transforming the lighting industry,