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Garrison Hullinger Interior Designer: Daniel McCulloch

Successful Portland Home & Garden Show

As mentioned last week, the Made In America Home required months of planning and preparation. Westlake Development  partnered with Garrison Hullinger Interior Design to design the Made In the America Home, but GHID's Daniel McCulloch really took the lead on this project. All thanks to Daniel's dedication and desire to see the project through completion, he was able to pull off his first project as lead with a positive attitude and produced (in partnership with our fantastic vendors and Westlake Development) a beautiful Made In America Home. GHID is very proud of him!

Sketch of the Made In America Home

Daniel's CAD rendering...

CAD rendering, example of CAD drawing, Made In America Home rendering

The Made In America Home

The show is about to start...


portland home & Garden show, westlake development, garrison hullinger

Highlights of the Made In America Home

Daniel's words of wisdom...

garrison hullinger interior designer, made in america home, portland home & garden show

Overall, the Portland Home & Garden Show was very successful! The show was educational for me as a designer, pushing me past my comfort zone and presenting the opportunity to create long-lasting relationships with vendors and Westlake Development. The show also resulted in a product that I am proud to have been a part of.


Daniel's top 3 highlights from the Portland Home & Garden Show

  1. Partnering with Westlake Development to create a high-quality finished product that showcases materials from the U.S.

  2. Educating people on what it means to source from the U.S. and the benefits of doing so

  3. Talking with people about what projects they are working on and how GHID can help make their vision become their reality

What Daniel would have and will do differently next time

Learnings from the show...

breath laugh smile, key learnings, garrison hullinger interior design


Daniel had a ton of great learnings from the show, but below are his biggest takeaways that he will apply to future projects that he leads.

  • Breath, laugh, smile
  • Stick to your plan

  • Over communicate

  • No one person can take care of it all, so be confident and delegate.

  • Projects will take more time than you think

What is next for Garrison Hullinger Interior Designer, Daniel McCulloch

Coming up next...

Just recently GHID has partnered with the Home Builders Foundation to begin coordinating remodel projects at homeless and women’s shelters in the larger Portland area. Not only will GHID help in making these facilities better for the occupants but it will alleviate stress on the people who run them as well. With better facilities, focus can be placed on educating and providing services for the homeless that will keep them off the streets and out of shelters in the long run.

One facet that I am very excited about is the potential for product development for GHID. I love the idea of creating new products out of existing materials or re-developing materials to serve a entirely new purpose. I would love to see GHID come out with a line of tile that hones in on saturated color, texture, geometrics, and maybe even some dimensionality.

As a designer I have long been under the impression that my educational growth will never come to an end. New products, new designs, and new ways of thinking are a part of my career, its my job to seek out the gems and absorb as much as possible.

Fun facts about Garrison Hullinger Interior Designer

Busy man...

organic home garden, garden, outdoor garden

Daniel's home garden

Daniel isn't only a talented interior designer, but also loves his garden, lives organically and is a great friend (who fills the bellies of those around him)! Check out 5 fun facts about Daniel.

  1. Loves to cook, especially for others and also LOVES to eat!
  2. Is an avid organic gardener and one day this summer hopes to add some bee colonies and a handful of chickens to the mix.
  3. Has an affinity for parasitic architecture and bio-mimicry.
  4. Brews his own beer.
  5. When people say you can't, it inspires him to show them that he can!

5 Favorite Design Products And Things

Daniel's favorites...

Our very own Daniel McCulloch encourages you to reach out to him with any questions in the comments section!