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Design Bloggers Conference From The Eyes Of A Portland Girl

Design Bloggers Conference 2013

Submersed in inspiration...

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I was just in L.A. for the Design Bloggers Conference representing Garrison Hullinger Interior Design with one of our interior designers, Nicole Copko. As I am newer to the design industry (a little over one month) and am spearheading our marketing and communications engagements, this conference was going to be a perfect way for me to dive right into this industry. I knew that I was going to be gathering new useful verbiage, knowledge, meet influential people and create relationships with designers and awesome bloggers, but it was more than I could even conjure up. Everyone at the conference was welcoming and had valuable perspectives, stories and information to share with me.


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Helms Bakery District

H.D. Buttercup...
After arriving at the hotel where we were staying and the conference was being held, we ran into Jennifer Powell with Kravet, who just oozes class, beauty and kindness. She held up the shuttle that was headed to H.D. Buttercup (right across the street from Rejuvenation's new location in L.A.) so that Nicole and I could quickly check in and join in on the fun! H.D. Buttercup was my first furniture retail showroom that I'd ever been in and what a beautiful place to be, I mean every single thing in that place is gorgeous.

helms bakery district, hd buttercup, in bed

Two of my favorite things from H.D. Buttercup...


masculine leather chair, tufted leather chair, H.D. Buttercup

Iconic Interior Designers

Eating up their every word...
I was privileged enough to listen to some very inspirational and artistic people at the conference, but among some of my personal favorites were: Windsor Smith, Stacy Kunstel of StacyStyle, Beth Kimless Greeene and Jennifer Powell with Kravet, Jenny Bradley with Traditional Home,  Evan Dawson (who served us very tasty wines to sample during his presentation - yum), Charlotte MossBarbara Barry and Jennifer Mehditash. Now that seems like a laundry list of names, but let me tell you, that doesn't even come close to listing out all of the people that I had a chance to hear from and meet!
Nicole and I were so eager to meet Anne Sage, the author of the fabulous blog City Sage who was seated in the back of the conference room. We were lucky enough to meet Joanna Hawley, the author of Jojotastic blog and Anthropology designer who was seated right next Anne and just as great! The four of us were able to chat for a few minutes and snap a few photos.

photos from the design bloggers conference, anne sage at design bloggers conference, attendees from the design bloggers conference

Barbara Barry is a poet

I unfortunately had no idea who Barbara Barry was until I researched the conference and attendees, but after watching Barbara Barry speak so poetically about beauty, color and design, I can honestly say that she is now one of my favorite people! She truly was one of my favorite parts of the conference and made me feel empowered in finding inspiration in the littlest beauties that life has to offer and simply appreciate it. One of my favorite things she said during her presentation and reading of her new book was when she said,
I believe beauty can transform the way you see the ordinary.
After she spoke at the conference, she was selling her books and signing them, so naturally, the GHID team surprised Garrison with his very own signed copy of Barbara Barry's new book (today is his birthday - shh). She was so kind and spent time speaking to everyone. She even said that she is considering a summer home in Lake Oswego someday - how cool!

garrison hullinger interior design, Garrison's signed copy of Barbara Barry book, signed interior design book

Meeting with Joss & Main

In the photo booth...

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, Garrison Hullinger Staff, Garrison Hullinger Design Bloggers Conference


As we were gathering our things and waiting for our town car, we saw a limo pull up and I said "wouldn't that be awesome if that limo was for us"... and between one thing and another, it was our ride to the airport!


design bloggers photos, photos from the design bloggers conference


Sadly, the conference came to an end far too quickly, but we were able to create long-lasting relationships and shed light on some really cool opportunities to learn more about our industry! If I had to summarize my top three takeaways, they would be:

1. Be confident in what I think is beautiful

2. Support other bloggers in our industry

3. Find our niche and stick to it


Until next time fellow bloggers...