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Compromising His & Her Interior Design: Eric and Lisa Lester

His & Her Interior Decor

Making it work...

Back in July, our very own GHID designer, Lisa got married! I can't really speak from experience, because I haven't been married, but I can confidently assume that heading into your wedding day, you're not too terribly concerned about your partner's interior design tastes. I've decided to tap Lisa on the shoulder for how she made her and her husband, Eric's furniture and aesthetics blend in a seamless and beautiful way. Let's just say that their house is more beautiful then I could have imagined, but they also have shared some fabulous tips and tricks for you to apply to your home.

His style can be described as mid-century minimalist

What that looks like...

He is likely to be drawn to the custom-made bookshelf that features two toned woods and clean lines

He is likely going to be drawn to the credenza against the back wall and the tripod floor lamp

He is likely going to be drawn to the classic iconic mid-century chair because it has clean lines and an ergonomic design

Her style can be described as casual contemporary with a bohemian flare

She will likely be drawn to the mixture of bold pops of color, patterns and textures

She will likely be drawn to the gallery wall and the eclectic style combining different natural materials like linen, cotton and wood

She will likely be drawn to the layered window treatments, pillows and bedding, as well as the collection of accessories on the side table

Marrying their furniture

Meeting in the middle: Eric brought in the table, chairs and bookcase, while Lisa brought in the majority of accessories and decor. Eric likes spaces that are clutter free and limited on decor, so they compromised by keeping the table a clear space and adding pops of color into the bookshelves. The bookshelf featured Eric's childhood book collection which helped inspire Lisa to decorate the remainder of the bookshelf with her accessories.

Meeting in the middle: Eric is a talented craftsman so, Eric and Lisa compromised on the custom-made bed frame. They compromised between mid-century and classic detailing which can be seen in the herringbone pattern in the headboard (Lisa's style) with the clean lines that make up the rest of the bed (Eric's style). Lisa wanted to fill the walls with a gallery wall, but in order to incorporate Eric's desire of clean lines and structure, Lisa featured all black and white photography in black frames.

Meeting in the middle: Eric and Lisa both wanted comfort and clean lines in their sofa, so they landed on this transitional sofa which works well with both mid-century styling and casual contemporary. Lisa's style really comes through this space by the mix of pattern and bright pops of color in the pillows and the painted side table, as well as the accessorizing on the coffee table and the credenza. Eric's style comes to life in this space through the tripod floor lamp, clean lines in the coffee table and minimalistic collection of accessories.

A fun side note from Lisa:

I placed the collection of accessories on a tray so that we could easily remove the accessories from the coffee table

Luckily they have a knack for gorgeous things, but what about those that are not so lucky in that department?

Here are some really helpful tips from Lisa and Eric to consider when creating your space:

  • Be open minded, but also focus on your similar tastes rather than forcing your style onto your spouse. It is easy to think that because you're passionate about fashion, design and interior design, that your style is the right way. Don't forget that your home is just as much yours as it is your spouses' home.
  • Evaluate what you both have before moving into your space and determine what must stay and must go. It's just as important to compromise with your furniture and interior decor as it is in your relationship. Be honest, but keep in mind that your home is your sanctuary.
  • Register for items together and define what you actually need to get. She may want tons of vases, but if your spouse is allergic (isn't a huge fan of purchasing flowers), you'll likely not want to have your wedding guests spend money on something you both don't find value in.
  • Create a his and hers Houzz idea books to get a better understanding of what things you both think are beautiful to inspire your interior decor
  • Creating personal collections in your will help bring personality and can be a great way to feature your family history.