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Home Office Interior Design Face Lift

Home Office Challenge

Keeping the door open...

The birds are starting to chirp and the flowers are starting to push through the dirt, so what does that mean for interior design? It is time to give your home office a face lift as we head into the Spring. Home offices tend to be the space that is piled high with loose papers, scattered pens, a slew of Post-Its that capture random thoughts and often times, a place that you want to hide from your guests. That is no longer going to be the case for you, because once you've given your office a face lift, you'll want to fling the office door open and show off your space to your guests!

Get inspired...

Favorite elements: this home office is bright, clean, clutter-less and personalized with fresh-cut flowers and a gallery of photos. Notice that the door is clear and will force you to keep your home office clean year round.

Favorite elements: I love the comfort that this home office oozes with the window seat decorated with mixed patterns. The window seat looks like such a fun place to sit and take business phone calls.

Favorite element: I am in love with Post-Its because they allow me to capture my scattered thoughts, but getting rid of the loose papers can be easy in this room all thanks to the chalkboard wall! It is also an easy way for your family members to leave inspirational notes that will keep you motivated throughout the day.

Favorite element: the colors in this room are such a beautiful combination and make me want to stay and work for hours. I also love the mini bar on the back desk, because that's a great way to encourage visitors to stop by for small breaks throughout your work day.

Favorite element: There is not a lot that I don't love in this home office, but particularly, I'm loving the two mix matching chairs, crisp white accessories and textured rug. I want this look in my home!

Helpful hint: the cleaner and better you feel in your home office, the more productive you'll be.

Tips To Give Your Space A Face Lift

  • Go through the lose papers and multiple pens to ensure that they are all relevant and work; if they don't, recycle or toss them!
  • Come up with some new ways to keep your space clutter-free, but make sure that they are organizational methods that work for you.
  • If you are not ready for entire office makeover that requires hiring your local interior designer, try switching out accessories, artwork, rugs, or chairs with fresh Spring interior decor. Use colors that make you want to stay in your office and that have cheerful colors that embody Spring time.
  • Sign up for a Joss & Main account and keep your eyes peeled for fabulous interior decor that will help you with your office update.

Things To Think About From Houzz

Ergonomics are important...

Check your ergonomics. Pay attention to how you feel after logging a few hours at your desk at home. If you have any pain or soreness, it's time to check the ergonomics of your setup.

Your chair height should be adjusted so that your feet can be flat on the ground.

Align your screen with your sight line to avoid eye strain and shoulder stiffness. If you have a laptop, consider putting it on a stand to adjust the height.

Check the lumbar support of your chair. Add a pillow or get a new chair if you have been experiencing lower back pain.

Invest in a few cushy pads to keep your wrists elevated as you type and use the mouse, especially if you spend a lot of time at the computer.

Personalize your office...

Go beyond the desk with an extra work surface. Avoid clutter pileups by placing another work surface near your main desk. This will make it easier to keep your computer area clean and clear, and provide dedicated space where you can spread out a project and not worry about cleaning it up. This extra surface (if you have room for it) is a wonderful place for incorporating meaningful objects and art that inspires you. It's also great for stepping away from the computer every once in a while to brainstorm, read or just sit with a cup of tea.

Surround yourself with things you love. What do you need to add (or remove) to really love your home office? Give favorite colors, artwork, photos, plants and personal items pride of place, and get rid of (or at least hide in a cabinet) anything that is bumming you out, from ugly tech equipment to bulky binders of old work material.

Commit to keeping a clean and clear desktop. For ultimate productivity and peace of mind, make a habit of completely clearing off your desk before ending the day.

Plan office storage with efficiency in mind. The storage areas directly around your desk — drawers, shelves, cabinets and surfaces — should be reserved for frequently used essential items. If you purchase some office supplies in bulk or have equipment that is very seldom used, store it on the highest shelves or in a different room altogether if you are short on space.

Check out some really cool office goodies that might inspire you to makeover your home office!

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