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Spring Inspired Interior Design: Honeycombs

Interior Design That Embodies Spring

It is the first day of spring and let me tell you, I'm thrilled because it means that sunny Portland days are on the horizon! I've always been in awe and somewhat unsure of how a designer can be inspired by a leaf or the color of their tea to create a gorgeous room. So, I have been on the search for elements that inspire me while I am running on Portland pathways and was successful in doing so, finding inspiration in bees!


A lot of times, less creative people think that inspiration has to be literal i.e. being inspired by a bee would mean that an entire room is designed in yellow and black, which is NOT the case. As I am starting to look at interiors under the microscope with greater frequency, I am realizing that it can be as easy as brainstorming ideas of what bees represent, what they create etc. So, I tried to move past the black and yellow inspiration, past the honey inspiration and onto the honeycomb.

Honeycombs in homes

Light fixtures...

In fabric or rugs...

geometric fabrics, octagon shaped fabrics



H.D. Buttercup discoveries

In early March, Nicole and I went to the Design Bloggers Conference and visited H.D. Buttercup and met with one of the artists at WILCOX. Conveniently, I spotted my inspirational honeycomb shape featured in their Infinity Project, so I thought there would be no better time then now to feature the company.

WILCOX fuses art with fashion and celebrates the power of self expression and personal style. We explore the boundary between wood, textiles and functional art with a colour palette inspired under a Californian sky, to engage an open conversation between creative minds and curate an evocative visual memory.

Founded by collector and art entrepreneur Christopher Wilcox, who moved to Los Angeles from England ten years ago. For Wilcox, moving to California has felt like coming home, so he set-up an Art House studio on Sunset Blvd., and together with a team of artists and designers, has made pieces for many of Americas foremost designers and luxury brands.

WILCOX is now open for business at HD Buttercup in Los Angeles, and is the ideal canvass to create a work in progress — welcome to a new retail experience!

Lessons of being inspired

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Trust in what you think is beautiful. Not everyone will agree with what you think is beautiful, but that is what makes the world go round. If your inspired by something, own it and run with it.

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