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Portland's Better Living Show And Blue Home

2013 Better Living Show

Blue Home...

Jim Field with Progressive Builders Northwest and GHID partnered again this year to build and design the Blue Home.

The Blue Home promises to deliver energy efficiency, cost savings and high-performance features you would expect in a home with natural gas. Walk through the home and unlock beautiful design concepts and the latest home products to fuel plans for your next home makeover.

Learn how you can make changes, large and small, to reduce your home's energy use and carbon footprint, while improving the comfort, quality and livability of the space you call home. Enjoy the aromas from the gourmet kitchen, relax in the living room in front of a cozy, high efficiency fireplace, rest easy in our beautifully appointed guest suite and bathroom, and learn how to use hot water to heat your home.

NW Natural's Blue Home is built in partnership with Garrison Hullinger Interior Design and Progressive Builders Northwest, along with many other amazing local product suppliers and service providers.

2013 better living show, blue home 2013, Portland Expo center events

The Better Living Show...

Three day consumer show that is not just targeted at the early adopters of a sustainable lifestyle, but one that specifically targets a mainstream audience as well. A show that encourages everyone, no matter where they lie on the spectrum of sustainable living, to take one more step towards a healthier lifestyle. Quite frankly...we want to help make a bigger choir! We have chosen to be a free admission event to ensure that access to the resources and services at the show are accessible to all. We also provide complimentary booth space to a number of non­profits as part of the show’s efforts to encourage our attendees to become more engaged in the community. Together, we can support social change.

Last Year's NW Natural Blue Home

I've always been a huge fan of watching any process unfold, particularly when it comes to a creative process, so I wanted to give you guys a behind the scenes look at what went into planning for a Better Living Show and Blue Home last year - pretty cool stuff. Hopefully, you'll get inspired and excited about this weekend's Better Living Show and Blue Home, and be eager to see what GHID has done this year!

hand sketch of the blue home, garrison hullinger blue home, drawing of the blue home 2012

Front door and decorative paint...

getting ready for the blue home, preparing for the blue home, designing the blue home

Getting creative...

decorative paint flooring, floor paint artwork, creative painted artwork

Making The 2012 Blue Home...

making the blue home, building the blue home, building the better living show home

Before The Show Starts

Kitchen and appliances...


2012 blue home kitchen, better living show home kitchen, kitchen in the blue home


portland blue home kitchen, better living show blue home kitchen, blue home kitchen

This is what the GHID booth looked like last year...

better living show booth, exhibitors at the better living show, better living show

Now that you've been able to see some of what GHID did for the 2012 Blue Home, make sure to stop by our booth to learn more about GHID services and the products we sourced in the Blue Home! Also, we encourage you to come to the Better Living Show geared with everything you'll need to jumpstart your home projects, like photos, ideas of home projects and our staff will provide you with a 30 minute complimentary consultation to get your project in motion!

Helpful questions that Garrison suggests that you come prepared to ask,

Who will be working on my project (principal, assistant to the designer or an associate designer)? How do you handle billing (monthly for hourly fees, half down as items ordered or more)? Do you have a project that represents the same style or type of work being requested for this project? Can I see before/after photos of your portfolio? What is your rate fee structure?

Visit the Better Living Show site for a complete list of contributors to the  NW Natural's Blue Home and we look forward to seeing you at the show!