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TV Show Interior Design: Frasier to Friends

The Interior Design Floorplan Of Your Favorite TV Shows I was really inspired from Trendland's post that feature Spaniard, Iñaki Aliste Lizarraldes' hand-drawn floor plans of popular TV shows. Iñaki is a very talented interior designer from the Basque country in Spain. In his free time he creates detailed floorplans based on famous TV shows and movies. He sells his work on Etsy and you can be sure that everything is drawn to scale plan, colored with colored pens and includes full details of furniture and accessories used on the set. Another really cool website that I ran across while writing this post is Set Decorators Society of America.

What Is A Set Decorator?

SDSA's website says, they are a key member of the design team for film, television and commercials. Working closely with the Production Designer and the Director, the Set Decorator must research, resource, and acquire all the objects required to dress the sets. Typical examples of this set dressing may include furniture, drapery, lighting fixtures, art and other decorative objects. However, the Set Decorator is also charged with large scale items, which could include machinery or robots, sidewalk window dressing, street items (such as street lamps and mailboxes), even rubble and debris!

Checking Out TV Sets

One thing that I've noticed while searching through these TV set interior is that TV shows are supposed to be relatable and entertaining, resulting in more affordable TV set interior decor. This blog post was really fun for me to search for inspired or actual home decor from the sets of Friends, Sex and The City, How I Met Your Mother, Frasier and The Big Bang Theory.


On the set...

Sex And The City

On the set...

How I Met Your Mother

On the set...


On the set...


The Big Bang Theory

On the set...

Feeling inspired by an element of your favorite TV set interior decor? Ready to make the leap and create a room inspired by your favorite TV set? Call on your local Interior Designer to jumpstart your interior design project!