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Pretty Pastel Interior Designs - Get The Look & Love It Year-Round

Pretty Pastels Around the same time of the year, I find myself attracted to the pastels that surround my visits to the grocery store, walks past flower shops, magazine pages I flip through and Pinterest - I wonder why? :) Rather then avoiding the pastels that are surrounding us, why not look at tasteful ways you can incorporate the beautiful hues into your everyday spaces?! Bringing spring into your home with gentle shades of pinks, yellows, blues and greens can be as easy as updating your space by swapping out decorative pillows with these beautiful colors. Lets dive into this fun color palette together and find some other creative and cost conscious ways of updating your space to be a relaxing yet cheerful.

Color Inspirations


The minty hues make me feel calm and make any space feel light, bright and airy. According to Paper Source's Pinterest colorscope, if you're most drawn to the colors sage, blossom and pool, then they define you with the following descriptions. Please do share if you agree or disagree in the comment section and give us your reasoning why - it would be fun to see what you think.

Minty spaces...

Space breakdown: This marine contemporary space is very light and inviting. The sofa is such a beautiful hue that is a great way to incorporate a spring time feel to your space year-round. Note that a great and easy way for you to bring springtime indoors is by sprucing your space up with cotton candy colored tulips and other seasonal flower arrangements.

Space breakdown: I'm in love with this space. The painted wooden floors really pop with the neutral wall color, window treatments and furniture. The patterned bed spread and black sheets allow the robins egg headboard and table side vases to compliment this room in a subtle yet beautiful way.

light colored bedroom with pops of color, beautiful bedroom, spring time bedroom look

Space breakdown: I am not biased or anything, but I also L.O.V.E. this space, particularly the bright pops of color. The bright pops are complimented beautifully with the light green colored bed frame, bedside chair and book at the end of the bed.

Space breakdown: This is such a bright and attractive space. The light colored walls and different hues of green really help make the ocean breeze colored side table and lamp pop in this space.

Space breakdown: This room is awesome! The matcha latte colored walls really allow the other green hued interior decor to shine in this space. I find myself quickly forgetting my preconceived notion that all pastels have to ooze the bunny and Cadbury egg holiday.

Space breakdown: Before I saw this space, I would have said that too many pastels wouldn't have been my cup o' tea, but after seeing this space, I changed my mind! This space is so clean and makes me feel like I just walked into a space that I could spend hours in and clear my mind. The great part about this room is that the foundation of the space is crisp white, which really allows the home decor and furniture be the focal point of this room.

Feeling inspired yet?

Helpful tips/tricks and resources:

  • Flowers are an easy way to bring holiday to your space in a subtle but picturesque way.
  •  If you live in a rainy city, like Portland, or if you want your home to be brighter, pastels will help reflect light and make your space seem bigger!
  • Don't be afraid to make subtle updates to your interior decor to map towards holidays, it doesn't have to be a literal translation, it can be whatever reminds you of said holiday - just have fun with it.
  • Yolo Colorhouse has fabulous spring inspired paint colors that will make you want to go out and purchase some fun new paint colors.
  • Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams have great home decor that will leave you loving pastels.
We'd love to hear how you've incorporated pastels into your home.