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Portland Interior Designers Giving Back In A Beautiful Way

Home Builders Foundation The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) is an inpsirational philanthropic association that harnesses home building industry resources to create opportunities for the home building community to use their unique skills to improve the Portland community. Through HBF's shelter development and workforce development programs, they're making building hope and home…rebuilding lives.

  • HBF has granted more than $140,000 in scholarship funds to high school and college students in Oregon
  • Through our Painting a Better Tomorrow program, our community outreach program, over 950 volunteers have given 7600 hours to local shelters in the form of building maintenance, landscaping and painting projects
  • Through HomeAid, our shelter development program, we have built transitional shelter for the homeless totaling more than $1 million dollars in value, with half that being donated in the form of in-kind labor and materials

Black & White Gala

black and white gala logo, HBF black and white gala

GHID is giving back in a BEAUTIFUL way - we partnered with the HBF to help out with all of the floral arrangements and decor for the Black & White Gala. The HBF gave us some money to utilize towards our floral arrangements/decor and we donated additional budget and some of our design hours to this wonderful event. One of our Associate Designers, Alison spearheaded all of the floral arrangements: 40 tables, two entryway and bathrooms. We needed to be armed with tons of beautiful flowers, so we turned to the flower market.

Flower Market

photos from a flower market, behind the scenes pictures of flower market

Before we could get started on the HBF floral arrangements, Alison had to head out to Frank Adams Wholesale on Swan Island in Portland and I was privileged enough to tag along with Alison and "help" her out. Alison came prepared and created a check list of things we'd need so we'd stay on track and limit the possibilities of forgetting something. The list was short, but included: vases, white flowers, greenery, baby's breath. With a Frank Adam's badge around Alison's neck and a pen and paper in my hand, we headed into the cold cooler (go figure) where the flowers line the walls for more than 25 feet, we started piling up enough flowers for over 40 arrangements. It was really fun for me to see Alison's creative mind start to work when we entered the cooler full of flowers!

portland flower wholesale shop, frank adams flowers

Tips and Tricks For Creating Flower Arrangements

Preparing And Creating The Flower Arrangements

Once all vases and flowers were unloaded from her car, Alison set up shop in the kitchen and started working on the float-inspired HBF sign which was made of both faux and real flowers. Here is a picture of the process and the final product!

the black and white gala, garrison hullinger interior design getting prepped for the gala

The team also had to learn how to create a balloon arch and help blow up balloons!

decorating for a black and white gala, garrison hullinger interior design

Overall, the event had a great turnout and was a huge success. GHID also heard some great feedback on the decor. We had such a blast getting ready for the event and at the event, where we were able to network and bid on some great auction items. Alison won the Timbers tickets that were donated by Molly's Fund, which we were thrilled about!

inside look at the hbf black and whilte gala, sneak peek at the black and white gala

I hope you enjoyed the inside look at how GHID contributed to the fabulous HBF Black & White Gala, because I sure enjoyed going to market to show you what it's like there. :) Feel free to ask any and all questions in the comment section.