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Identifying Your Interior Design Style - Breaking It Down

Term Breakdown We've all heard the terms modern, traditional, contemporary, and eclectic, but how does someone fully understand what these terms really look like? Not only are you about to find out about what each term means, but you're also about to learn which style is YOUR style. Below you'll find a small quiz to help narrow down what interior design styles you're most attracted to and will hopefully help you identify most with a specific design style: modern, traditional, contemporary, and eclectic.

the meaning of modern, contemporary, traditional and eclectic interior design styles,

Grab your pens & paper, and let's get started! Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just mark down what you like most out of the four options.

modern accessories, traditional accessories, eclectic accessories contemporary accessories

lamps of all different interior design styles, interior style testidentifying your interior design style, interior design style test

results from the style quiz, quiz that reveals your interior design style

As I'm sure you've noticed, there is also an interior design style that is called transitional too, but transitional is a combination of contemporary and traditional interior decor. I know, I know...there seems to be an endless amount of interior design styles, but my goal is to shine light on the various interior design styles. I'll be posting a style specific blog that will feature interior decor, rooms and and products that will help you further get familiar with "your" style. We will unveil a blog style per week for the next four weeks regarding modern, traditional, contemporary, and eclectic interior design styles.

Thank you for everyone that participated and we hope that you stay tuned for each style specific blog to be posted!

A huge thanks to our intern, Kathleen Berki for the extra help with this blog!