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Ask The Experts: Making A Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

Dilemma At Hand A frequent dilemma people have in their homes is that they want a smaller space to seem bigger. As many of us already know (and if you don't know), mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of a room looking bigger. We're going to take a look at creative ways to make a smaller space seem bigger all through mirrors and proper placement.

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Now that you're geared with some helpful hints, are you going to be moving around some mirrors? Or are you going go buy some mirrors to add to interior decor this weekend? In case you are, here is some quick inspiration for you to look at before you head onto the worldwide web or to any brick & mortar store.

Mirrors from Z GallerieDering Hall or 1stDibs.

Thanks for tuning in today for some tips & tricks on making your space look bigger by using mirrors. We encourage you to share some other helpful tips & tricks or methods you've used to make your space look bigger.