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Detecting Your Interior Design Style: Maniac For Modern Interior Design

Identifying What Your Design Style Is Last week, we kicked off a blog series that will help you identify your interior design style, so if you haven't taken the test yet, stop reading and take the test here. If you have taken the test and answered mostly "b," congratulations, you are most attracted to modern interiors and decor. You may be asking yourself what that means and what are some pieces of furniture or decor that are modern, but I'm here to help demystify that for you.

I want to give a quick disclaimer regarding my definition of modern interior design. I fully understand that there are different genres of modern, but for the ease of defining modern interior decor, I'm going to provide a large bucket definition. At a later date - still TBD - I will start delving into other genres and the mixing of interior design styles.

What Is The Definition Of Modern Interior Design?

As I mentioned last week, modern is often times defined as being the opposite of contemporary design, because modern design features clean lines, minimal styling and showcasing edgy designs. Modern designs are recognizable by it’s clean, unadorned interiors, as well as the use of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen are prominent. See if you can notice that modern elements in the following photos and which ones do you love most? Personally, I am most attracted to wood and other natural elements being brought into my space.

Let's Get Familiar With Modern Interior Decor

A few things that I've picked up on while researching and seeing modern interior designs:

  • Neutrals are often used in modern spaces and not too many shades are incorporated into any given space
  • Patterns and colors are used sparingly, if any
  • Table tops are often times left clear of clutter or accessories
  • Edgy design features are commonly on ceiling light fixtures, artwork on the walls or fireplaces
  • Feels masculine and bachelor pad-esque to me

I wanted to put my understanding for modern interior design to the test and created a style sheet. I hope it inspired you enough to want to redo your home or enlist the help of an interior decorator.

Some iconic modern chairs that will leave you drooling.

Here are some helpful hints that you should apply to your quest in identifying with modern interior design

interior decorating tips for modern design, modern interior design tips and tricksThis post was really fun for me to create even though my personal tastes do not tend to be modern. I hope this post helped demystify what modern interiors look like, but if you're still having a hard time figuring out what modern interior decor or designs look like, I'd encourage you to visit Houzz. When you're on Houzz, you can narrow your search to which room and style you'd like to view. It is like the home version of Pinterest, so ready yourself for a new favorite pass time.

Yours in guiding you through the world of interior design!