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Nature Inspired Interior Decor To Celebrate Earth Day Year-round

Celebrating Earth Day On the heels of Earth Day, I wanted to bring a creative spin on ways to enjoy natures littlest beauties through eco-friendly interior decor and all in the comfort of your own home. Read on for your personal guide to buying eco-friendly products that will help you celebrate Earth Day all year round!


According to Gary Rideout of Tech News,

one of the best ways to create an eco-friendly interior is by using low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints. These paints contain less or no toxic chemical substances that can cause harm to human health. Due to the fact that they are manufactured to meet low odour guidelines, they are less likely to create allergy reactions such as asthma and other breathing complications. Even though low or zero VOCs are relatively expensive as compared to other ordinary paints, they are worth spending your money on as they help you greatly in protecting the environment and your family’s health.

Buying Yolo Colorhouse paint is a safe way to bring beautiful color into your space. They're committed to green practices beyond what’s in their can. Their paint is environmentally friendly and has NO reproductive toxins, mutagens, hazardous air pollutants, ozone depleting compounds, formaldehyde, phthalates and or VOCs.


Gary went on to say,

You should always be very careful when it comes to choosing lights or bulbs for your house. The florescent, LED, and CFL light bulbs are the best to use as they are not only designed to provide light, but also to conserve electricity. They also have the ability to last longer than other ordinary light bulbs.

LED Trail lighting offers high quality, energy efficient LED products to help you save energy and money.

Gary further recommended that

in order to take advantage of natural sunlight during the day, make sure that your windows are energy-efficient and facing the south to maximise the intake of light. You can also place tubular skylights on your roof. These lights not only add aesthetic value to your house, but they also help you in saving power and money.

Milgard Windows has a few products that are energy efficient, such as SunCoat® Low-E2 Glass, which is microscopically thin coating and is applied to one side of the glass to reflect heat from its source in the summer, keep heat inside in the winter and reduce harmful UV rays. Just one of many benefits you reap when buying Milgard windows is that SunCoat Low-E2 glass comes standard on all Milgard dual-pane windows and patio doors!

Furniture Made Of Natural Products

A little splurge session is in store - I've become obsessed with Bleu Nature, which is a line that creates fusion between the world of plants and the animal kingdom. Iced Lacquer collection explores extremes, from the poles to the equator. The combination of natural wood and lacquered metal blows hot and cold breezes over furniture displaying a study in contrast.

Interior Decor That Is Inspired By Nature

Indoor raindrops that will make any modern space feel cool and chic....

Huge windows, minimal interior decor with branches as an accent help let the outdoors speak for this home...

Sprinkles of green within your interior decor makes me drool for more...

I hope you enjoyed learning about different ways you can bring nature indoors year round and how you can do it in an eco-friendly fashion. Let's scratch the idea of Earth Day and celebrate Earth Year!