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Portland Interior Design, GHID's Month in Review: April

Here is a look at the busy month of April for GHID an inside look at an interior designer schedule, what does garrison hullinger do

Taking a quick glance at our calendar in April, you can quickly tell that we've been "bizeee!" (Side note: Garrison should trademark the spelling on that word before some else does). The calendar above outlines tasks that we have that go above and beyond our daily activities as well as new client meetings. For more on what we've been up to, keep reading and I'll give you a quick synopsis of these activities that have kept us all so bizeee and fairly heads down at GHID: HBF Gala, 4 client installs, GHID moved office locations, we won the first ever JDR Microblog award, went to after work events like the Kush Rug event last week, went to Highpoint Market in NC and then finished off the month with a new hire, Miss Miriam Moore (I do a quick intro below)!

GHID Gave Back In A Beautiful Way (April 3-5)

portland interior design firm gives back, giving back to the community

The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) is an inspirational philanthropic association that harnesses the home building industry resources to create opportunities for the home building community to use their unique skills to improve the Portland community. Through HBF’s shelter development and workforce development programs, they’re making building hope and home…rebuilding lives.

GHID partnered with the HBF to help out with all of the floral arrangements and decor for the Black & White Gala. The HBF gave us some money to utilize towards our floral arrangements/decor and we donated additional budget and some of our design hours to this wonderful event. Alison spearheaded all of the floral arrangements: 40 tables, two entryway and bathrooms.

A huge thanks to Collin, Eric and interns for your additional help and efforts. Read more about Alison making the flower arrangements from start to finish here.

Installing, Staging & Open House @WFP (April 8-18)

high rise condo decor, interior design ideas for portland condos, condo interior decor ideas

Nicole feverishly worked to get a penthouse unit in one of the two Waterfront Pearl buildings ready for an open house on April 11. On the backend, Alison attended flower market and created some fabulously bright and beautiful flower arrangements to make this open house stick out among other Pearl District open houses. I'm always in love with all of her flower arrangements.

Nicole, Garrison and Elena were honored to attend the event and mingle with current WFP residents, as well as meet with ownership to elaborate on our appreciation and forward looking vision of WFP. The day following the event, Nicole and various GHID members installed all furniture and accessories to work towards the completion of both sales model units.

Stay tuned for some other awesome news on this project...we'll be sharing more in the coming months.

GHID Uprooted To Rejuvenation (April 16)

temporary office space for GHID, GHID temporary office

In the midst of an extremely busy month, we found some additional time to get everything packed up and we moved to our temporary location on the third floor of the Rejuvenation building. We will be moving into our official new space in June after constructions comes to completion. We’re all just so glad to be in our new creative space.

Also, without the support of our rocking admin team and interns, we couldn’t have done this move without their packing and organizing - we owe you a huge thank you!

Jackson Design & Remodeling (JDR) Mircoblogger Award Winners (April 17)

winners of the JDR blog, microblog winner

JDR has an annual blogger award that brings additional recognition to the work of the industry's best bloggers, while supporting JDR's efforts to promote the professionalism of the remodeling industry and keep thier clients informed about the latest trends in home design.

This year, they added the category of 'microblog' to acknowledge the tremendous influence of social media. All thanks to Nicole’s strong Twitter foundation and the entire team for voting, amplifying the necessity for our networks support, we were able to win the first microblog award!

We’ll use the badge and $500 to continue our efforts in showing our clients and everyone in the industry that provide top notch services both in the home and in the digital world.

Highpoint Market (April 20-25)

favorites from high point market, #hpmkt, top finds at high point market

Garrison and Alison went to Highpoint Market for five days and were able to buy and see some fabulous things. I don't want to give away too many details as Garrison will be posting a blog on his experience this year...stay tuned for Thursday's blog.

Art of Afghan Rug Making Event at Kush Rugs (April 25)

kush rugs, hand made rugs in portland, portland rugs

I attended the Kush event and had no idea what to expect from the event, but I left feeling the love and now yearn for the day when I can purchase an Ahmadi family-made rug from Kush Rugs. The owners, who I hadn't met before were so absolutely inspiring and kind. They're a couple that fell in love with rugs long ago, but they specifically came under the Ahmadi family rugs' spell 8 years ago in a German showroom.

The Ahmadi brothers have now grown into a successful and industry changing company called, Amadi Carpets. Rebecca and Brian decided to host a presentation/Q&A session at their store to have two of the Ahmadi brothers, Zubair and Zabi tell their distinctive and inspiring story of how their family company came to fruition and remains an integral part of the rug industry. Since I plan dedidcating an entire blog post to Kush Rugs and the Ahmadi brothers, I don't want to dive too deep into this topic, but it ranks number one among all of the events I've attended over the last three months.

amadi carpets comes to portland, portland hand made rugs, portland luxurious rugs

Also, if you haven't visited the Kush Rugs store, you better add that to the top of your must-see list. This week is First Thursday and will be gorgeous out, so stop by and take a look at some of the most beautiful rugs!

Latest GHID Employee - Miriam Moore (April 29)

portland interior designer

We are so thrilled to be adding a new GHID employee, Miriam Moore! Miriam graduated in June 2012 with a bachelor of science in Interior design from Oregon State University GO DUCKS. :) Her interest in design was peaked when she discovered the computer game the Sims at a friend’s house and ever since then, she has immersed herself in all things design. In summer 2011 Miriam was a design intern and worked on the Street of Dreams People’s Choice best house, “Cascade Splendor." Prior to her position at GHID, she worked as a home stager and design assistant. Staging served as great experience to her design career as it allowed her to overcome many obstacles and design constraints. Miriam first found out about GHID in October 2012 when she joined us as an intern for three months. Since her internship she only had eyes for GHID as she fell in love with the work environment and employees.

Some things Miriam brings to the table…

Miriam is most excited to help people express themselves through design. So much pride can come from having a wonderful home and she wants to make sure each client is represented in their home. With extensive research skills she is pumped to learn and become familiar with new products and design elements. In that way she can ensure clients are getting just what they need and desire in their new space.

5 Fun Facts About Miriam...

1. Studied abroad in London from March-June 2011 2. While her friend would always use the cheat to get more money (in the Sims), Miriam strived to make an aesthetically pleasing house without breaking the bank 3. Is obsessed with her boxer dog, Bruiser 4. Did musical theater in high school 5. Is gluten intolerant

Miriam’s 5 favorite things related to design

portland interior designer five favorite things, interior design top five favorites

1. Benjamin Moore Paint is so rich and true. The qual ity of paint is very high and all the colors turn out just as you would expect no matter who mixed it. 2. Miriam loves how Target has great design at affordable prices. Great design shouldn’t only be available to those who can afford it, and Miriam feels that Target allows average Americans (and soon Canadians) to take pride in their homes. 3. United Tile is one of Miriam’s favorite showrooms to visit. The displays are gorgeous and get the creative juices flowing. Not only that but also the selection of unique tile is extensive. 4. Martha O’Hara Interiors is one of Miriam’s favorite design inspirations. Everything produced by the firm is so polished and purposeful. 5. Hector Guimard serves as one of Designs’ favorite people because with his design for the Paris Metro he was able to personify Paris and define the city.

We look forward to sharing what we've accomplished and where on the U.S. map we will have visited in May.