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Highpoint Market Trends & Fantastic Finds From The Eye's Of Portland Interior Designers

Garrison & Alison Hit Highpoint Market what it is like to be at highpoint market, interior designers at highpoint

My trek to Highpoint, NC was a chance to see new and fresh ideas on the home furnishings front. Usually the first thing people think is why Highpoint? In the late 1890’s farmers were suffering from a depression and needed a new way to earn income. Based on the convenience of a main state highway and the railroad for shipping, Highpoint became a booming manufacturing area for furniture. Today, there are 12 million sq ft of showroom spaces in 188 separate buildings. It’s a daunting experience to try and figure out the logistics to make sure you hit as many of the showrooms as possible. Of course when traveling with Alison Van Delden, associate designer in our Furnishings, Fixtures and Accessories department, we were sure to be kept on task. Alison surveyed our course and our days were plotted out like a pro.

There are many highlights of the showrooms but it’s easy to miss something that might be obvious to others...many of the buildings like the Suites at Market Square at Highpoint Market 2013, which was a must-see.

gorgeous showrooms at Highpoint market, a showroom that stuck out at highpoint market

Seeing many of the wares that are presented in the ‘temporaries’ is always a treat. These vendors don’t have permanent showrooms and have chosen to setup a temporary spot...and many of these are wonderful inspirations. I was especially drawn towards all the coral and pink that I spotted this year.

coral trend at highpoint market, bright showrooms from highpoint market

It’s also a wonderful treat to be invited to many of the showroom parties to see such beautiful collections like those from the Coastal Living (magazine) by Stanley Furniture.

stanley furniture at highpoint market, beach interior decor at highpoint market

It’s been said many times, but interior design really is in the details...this chest has so many beautiful details...who’s house will this go in??

detailed dresser, fabulous highpoint market accessories, home decor from highpoint market

We also managed to make it over to Surya to their showroom party too. It’s a large expansive space to showcase all the colorful rugs and pillows.

highpoint market showrooms, fabulous showrooms from highpoint market

One of the benefits of going to High Point is actually seeing and touching the furniture and to ensure that it fits the standards for our clients. A stop by the Century Furniture showroom allowed us to see many of the different custom finished they offer on their pieces.

highpoint market mirror accessories, decor from highpoint market

contemporary interior decor at highpoint market, finds from highpoint market

Sometimes the beauty is in the simplicity of a setting and we loved this beautiful white chest from Drexel, framed with drapes and topped off with beautiful lamps.

mid-century modern interior decor from highpoint market, highpoint market must haves

On our last day of the trip we took a detour over to the Junior League of Greensboro Showhouse.

As you'll see below, there were some beautiful spaces in their show rooms and I've snapped a few photos of my favorite aspects of this show home. Quick disclaimer, the first photo that I took of this space was blurry, so I found a great photo that shows of the beautiful interiors and detailing.

highpoint market trends, must-see spaces at high point market

great finds at highpoint market, highpoint market trends

cool ceiling details at highpoint market, highpoint market spaces

inspirational spaces at highpoint market, highpoint market fabulous finds

Alison and I had so much fun seeing such beautiful things and meeting some fabulous people - until next time!