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The Lessons From A Mother Translated To Our Interior Designers

Happy Mother's Day (almost) GHID wishes all moms  a very Happy Mother's Day this coming Sunday! The importance of moms is almost indescribable, as they are an integral part in shaping who we are and who we want to become. A lot of the time, we get so busy with our lives that we forget to stop and tell our moms how absolutely special they are to us, so let's all pause for a moment and celebrate our moms!

What GHID Team Members Said About Their Moms Inspiring Them

Garrison Hullinger on his mom, Ruth

My mom always had the intent of buying things that she liked and even the art didn't match the room, but  she made it work. She was also known for finding a bargain and turning it into something cool.

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Lisa Lester on her mom, Lynette

My Mom is very smart and creative. She always encouraged my interest in all types of art from finger painting to dance. My mom has always supported me in all my decisions and when I found that interior design was the path for me she, as always, was very delighted. I get all of my creative genes from her and my desire to design spaces came from her ability to make our house feel like home.

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Daniel McCulloch on his mom, Ruth

My Mom was the driving force behind creative abilities. She helped me see my creative streak and talent and to learn the ability to hone in on what my mind can achieve. My Mom has been my supportive foundation through my educational career and was never hard to find when I needed feedback on literary papers, floor plans, or even abstract art. She never ceases to amaze me with her own creative talent, or even better, her humor.

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Collin Kayser on his mom, Daphne

My mom inspired me by constantly being an artistic force around the house. Whether it was painting, crafting, or designing our halloween costumes, she seemed to know how to do it all.

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Alison Van Delden on her mom, Anja

My mom and grandma have always had an incredible eye and knack for interior decorating and design. Growing up in a home where collections of objects and art were always thoughtfully placed helped trained my eye from a young age and made me appreciate a warm and welcoming home. I'm thankful to have had such positive influences that helped shaped my passion and career. Love you Mom & Oma!

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Miriam Moore on her mom, Becky

My mom is from the South so presentation is everything! She always strives to keep her house a home and introduced me to the world of bargain buying.  Mom always encourages me to present myself in the best possible way and stressed the  importance of having good manners no matter who you are dealing with.

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Dann on his mom, Dot

As of recently I asked my mom,  why we moved from the small logging town of Carson Washington, where I enjoyed playing with my friends, to the thriving metropolis of Eugene Oregon? She told me that it was specifically for me as my brother always had different interests than me that were easy to come by in Carson and I couldn't thrive in a small logging community!, Hence the move!

While in Eugene, I was able to discover my creative side throughout grade school, middle school and high school, I explored different types of art that really interested me, including design and architecture.

Literally, just last night, as I was cleaning out old items, I discovered a couple of old floor plans that I came up with in middle school and high school! I now realize that I am on the path that my mother encouraged me to follow, without me actually knowing it. She saw it and I didn't!

Love my mom!

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Nicole Copko on her mom, Elaine

My mom is truly amazing. She's kind, compassionate, hospitable, funny, encouraging, supportive and really, really loves her family and friends. One of the more loyal and giving people I've ever met, my mom truly showers the people in her life with unconditional love and generosity. She's taught me what it means to work hard and pay it forward, what it looks like to put others first, helping those in need, and has demonstrated unwavering faith, one that I look up to as I navigate my own.
Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be an interior designer. I would often ask to rearrange my room or help to rearrange other rooms in our family home. Instead of bauking at the idea, my mom would help me move furniture and decor around in hopes of harnessing my creativity. She always encouraged me in whatever creative venture I decided to pursue, whether it be painting, photography, interiors and so on. As it was time to select a university to attend, both she and my dad made sacrifices in order to help make my dream of becoming a designer a reality. And even still, if GHID is ever hosting an event, part of a show home or speaking at an engagement you better believe you'll see Elaine in the crowd.
To say I'm thankful for her is truly an understatement. I'm so very grateful by her presence in my life and feel overwhelmingly blessed to call her my mom.

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Although, I'm not an interior designer, my mom still deserves a shout out.

My mom, Delia, has been my biggest fan since I came into this world. She has always been by my side cheering me on and encouraging me to follow my dreams. She has shown me the importance of being driven and determined as she came to this country from Spain with only a small understanding of English and worked to become the top salesperson at her job, and in the process, learned to speak English better than I could ever wish to. :) She has let me know that ANYTHING is possible, and that all it requires me doing is putting my mind to it and focusing on realizing my dreams. She is one of the most welcoming people I know and will go out of her way to make a stranger's day a little brighter. Happy Mother's Day, Momma - you're the best!

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Happy Mother's Day to you all and I hope you get to spend some quality time with your families this weekend. In case you need some last minute Mother's Day ideas for $50 or less, I've compiled some great gifts!

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