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VIP Celebrity Home Tour: Adam Levine's Hollywood Hills Interior Design

The Maroon 5 front man’s California pad combines midcentury sophistication with a shot of bachelor attitude

I'm always extremely interested in seeing how celebrities design their homes, particularly because they don't typically have restrictive budgets, so the sky is the limit. Before even scoping out Adam Levine's home, I thought it was going to scream, "I'm one of the hottest bachelor's," but much to my surprise, it was classy, clean and cool.

Let's Tour His Hollywood Hills Home Together

Finn-Olaf Jones with Architectural Digest article says

His immaculately refurbished 1940s ranch-style dwelling, suspended high above the city, in the Hollywood Hills, and outfitted with classics by Jean Prouvé, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Arne Jacobsen, and other 20th-century-design icons, has a quiet, meticulous air. It is unmistakably the habitat of a man who is confident in his tastes.

The purchase of what was at the time an unremarkable four-bedroom house perched on the side of Bronson Canyon solved that problem. “I fell in love with the location and the privacy and the fact that it was such a low-key place,” Levine says. “It was Hollywood without being ‘Hollywood.’'

To make the home truly compelling, Levine turned to longtime friend Mark Haddawy, a 20th-century-design collector and co-owner of Resurrection, a vintage-clothing boutique with branches in L.A. and Manhattan. Under Haddawy’s guidance, Levine decided to tear down the internal walls, reducing the number of bedrooms from four to one. They added concrete floors and rosewood paneling throughout, and Carrara marble in the bathrooms to create a sensual contrast of surface textures. “Mark brought soul and color into the place,” Levine notes.

Says Haddawy, “For me, it’s about the mix, not just in the materials we used, but in the art we bought for the house.” The collection he and Levine began includes works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, Mark Seliger, and Andy Warhol.

It’s evident in his debonair home, too, in the thick burgundy velvet curtains that maintain a nightclublike darkness even in the middle of the day. “My job means I work late,” Levine says. “These ensure I get some sleep.” After all, this is the man who penned the hit song “Never Gonna Leave This Bed.” In such refined surroundings, why would you even want to?

Brace Yourself, We're Heading Into Adam's Bedroom! 


Hope you enjoyed the personal tour of Adam Levine, because it sure was fun checking out his fabulous interiors! Adam, when is GHID invited to LA for some fun cocktails and a personal concert?