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Tips & Tricks To Make Over Your Bed Like A Professional Interior Designer

How To Make Your Bed Go From Drab To Fab

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Raise your hand if you're guilty of not knowing how to properly decorate a bed - FYI, it's hard typing one handed. Okay, so I'm guilty of knowing what a beautiful bed looks, but unable to execute on making my bed fabulous. Let's hope that after writing this blog, I'll be inspired to head out to start making my bed as beautiful as the ones in this blog post.

Breakdown Of All The Elements That Make Up A Well Styled Bed

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Why A Headboard Is Important

A headboard doesn't only add an aesthetic appeal to your nocturnal retreat, but also adds structure and a certain sturdiness to your bed. They also act as a back rest for when you've got that novel you just can't put down, or the reality TV show that you just can't enough of!

Why A Euro Sham Is Important

Euro shams might seem like a waste of money to some of you, but fear not, it's truly an important element to your bed design if you want your bed to look like the ones in the magazines. Euro shams help add layers to your bed, which can hide your favorite pillow to sleep with as well as adding depth to your bed.

Quick Tip: Generally you'd use 3 european shams for a king bed, 2 for a full or queen bed, and one for a Twin.

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Why A Decorative Pillows Or Shams Are Important

Similar to euro shams, decorative pillows or shams also add depth and a certain luxurious appeal to your bed, but they also add texture and pattern. Decorative pillows can help tie together other elements in your bedroom for a cohesive design and can vary is patterns and colors.

Quick Tip: You can stack decorative pillows for more of a contemporary feel, or prop them upright for more of a traditional feel. They are not for sleeping on and are typically pain points for men with no understanding of design. :)

Why Flat Sheets Are Important

Sheets are important and not a place to cut your budget, because you curl up and sleep between them for hours of your life. I personally hate top sheets because I always get tangled in them, but they're very important for tying your entire magazine worthy bedroom together.

Quick Tip: Staying neutral is the way to go for those that like bold colors, because you can infuse textures and patterns in the pillows and duvet covers. If you like your neutrals, feel free to add some pattern to your sheets as they only peep into your overall bed design.

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Why Duvet Covers Are Important

I can't remember how long ago or who it was that told me this tip, but having a duvet cover spares you from having to replace or ruin your actual comforter. From the day I heard this - I'm not lazy or cheap - I purchased a duvet cover to spare me from having to replace my comforter! A duvet cover is also a great way to add color and pattern to your space.

Quick Tip: Tuck your duvet cover under the mattress so you can bring a clean, modern hotel feel to your room.

Why Bed Frames Are Important

Similar to the headboard, a bed frame adds aesthetic, elegance and a structure to your bed. It also helps make it the centerpiece in your bedroom!

Why Throws Are Important

Throws add a comforting and welcome appeal to your bedroom. They also act as yet another way to add a layer to your bed design, but tend to be cozy and soft. It's also a secret weapon to combat against the cold, cool weather here in the Pacific Northwest.

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Buyers Guide For A Beautiful Designed Room

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