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Making Your Outdoor Decor Look Summertime Ready And Interior Designer Approved

Extending Your Indoors To The Outdoors I am salivating for the days that shorts become a fashion must, venti iced teas are in hand and kebabs are your go-to-meal because it's too hot to want to be baking indoors (and let's be honest, BBQn' is really your only option.) I'm talking about summertime folks - I can't wait for, SUMMERTIME! Ahh, the sunshine just invigorates my soul. Anyway, sorry for the small daydreaming tangent you all had to be a part we go!

Because I'm such a huge fan of summertime and being outdoors in the sunshine, why not look at beautiful outdoor areas that are worth framing in a picture frame, and if your outdoors aren't worth framing yet, they will be after these tips & tricks.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, designs by garrison hullinger

 Al Fresco Decor

Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Make to decorate the exterior of your home in a way that creates continuity from your home to your patio. If your home has eclectic decor and has an Alhambra feel, bring it on outside like they did!

creating a warm and cozy atmosphere outside, decorating outdoor spaces, designing outdoor spaces

Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Don't be afraid to create a grand fireplace that can be your the focal point of your cozy exterior space.

Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Start decorating your outdoor space from the flooring up to the very candles and scents you want in your outdoor space.

Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Don't be afraid to bring comfort of your home to the outdoors. You can do so by using pillows, cushions, poofs and more - just use fabrics resistant to fading, breathable, bleach cleanable! For some stylish outdoor fabrics, you can use Robert Allen Designs or other Sunbrella fabrics.

 Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Create an ambiance that's fresh, inviting and comfortable by having plenty of seating so you and your friends can take the great conversations from the indoors to the outdoors. Purchasing outdoor furniture that last long-term is worth the investment, so don't be afraid to look at your outdoor furniture like an investment - after all, you'll be using it for years to come.

Tips & Tricks For Outdoor Spaces: Don't be afraid to bring the table top accessories and other decor from your indoors, outside. Table trays, fresh flowers, hanging candle pendants or event lights are a must.

Final Thoughts From Me To You

I've always been in awe of my aunt, Betsy - for numerous reasons - but her taste of interior and outdoor decor is impeccable. She always comes up with fabulous themed bouquets and tabletop decor that makes each summertime gathering extra special in Lake Chelan, WA. I think a lesson that I can pass on from me to you all is that you have to have fun with your outdoor space, but don't skimp on the outdoor decor, because you'll be spending a lot of time outside in the fresh summer air.

Is it summer yet? Nope, but it is almost Memorial Day...which means it's not too far away. Be safe and have a fabulous weekend!