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International Interior Design: Jetting Off To Phuket, Thailand

Thai Interior Design in Phuket, Thailand Last week I kicked off the worldwide interior design quest in Tossa De Mar, Spain and this week, we're flying on over to Phuket, Thailand. I'm 100% on board with Ari Michaels Mills who said on our Facebook page that she wanted to go to Phuket, Thailand for the "pretty beaches and yummy food." I'd also love to write on a Thai lantern and release it into the sky (imagine a quiet, peaceful and breathtaking few minutes as you watch your wish go up into the dark sky), ride an elephant, walk on the warm beaches and swim in the beautiful blue water, eat endless amounts of authentic thai food and soak up all aspects of the Thai culture. Before I get too far into my day dream, I am going to rein myself in and focus on providing you all a little bit of background on Phuket.

This luxurious six bedroom beachfront villa sits on a peninsula along the gorgeous east coast of Phuket in a price development designed by architect, Jean-Michel Gathy (if you have your head phones in, open his website in a new browser and listen to the calming music while reading our blog, it'll get you further engulfed in the experience).

This villa is very spacious and is designed to make the indoors and outdoors seamlessly flow and allow the warm ocean breeze zip through this home.


The spacious living room interiors will not let you forget that you're in Thailand, from the wood ceiling detailing to the Buddha statues, your views of Phang Nga bay will allow you to sink deeper into relaxation.

The bedrooms of this Thailand villa are modern with the clean lines, an open floor plan with folding windows and a neutral canvas with bright pops of colors. Although the interiors are modern and tend to leave the space feeling clean and airy, the spaces use some great details like the black and white flooring, large windows & window coverings, as well as the tall ceilings. I could certainly go for drinking wine in bed while watching the sun set, I would even accept a mimosa or tropical local drink and watch the sun rise - I'm not picky. :)

A quick and easy to transport interior design gems back home would be to purchase different scarves or other pieces of fabric with similar color palettes so that you can make them into pillows. If you do that, you will be able to easily infuse your vacation and memories into your every day.

All photography by Sotheby’s International Realty and the entire article can be found here.

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