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A Look At Favorite Furniture & Decor From International Contemporary Furniture Fair 2013 #ICFF

Garrison Attends 25th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair Year round, members of the GHID team travel across the U.S. to visit different that particularly pertain to the interior design and building industries. In May I was fortunate enough to visit the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC. The ICFF is held at the Javits Convention Center, which for many years was an annual destination for me to visit the National Retail Federation (NRF) with my GAP Inc. colleagues. The ICFF has a much different appeal than NRF had, more than for the obvious shift in target industry, but also in terms of overall attitude and heir, everything was lax all the way down to the way people dressed.

Expectations Going Into ICFF 

Usually I try to have a goal when I go to market, filling a need for our clients or finding a product in a category that will give us that design edge for our client’s projects. I had been warned that the ICFF was much different than the other interior design or furniture markets and that many times the products you'd see at ICFF would feel like you were seeing prototypes of products that weren’t fully baked products that were ready for purchase. This was very true across the market, but one of my favorite aspects of the market was being able to see the international products!

Favorites From International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Stickbulb is a sleek and clean-line looking fixture that also has LED lights, can you eco-friendly and cool looking?! The best part is you can use the same ‘stick’ in a bracket on the wall or a stand on a table.

Some of the vendors were more like artist groups and they had interesting pieces. Laurie Beckerman Design was showcasing many pieces of her collection and a favorite was the metal butterfly chair.

Before Unfolding A Folditure

These chairs are made to fold in 3 seconds and they can hang in a closet out of the way until needed - this chair would be the best solution for small condos, apartments, homes or shared spaces. 

After Folding A Folditure

By far the most fascinating discovery for me was Folditure! One of the greatest aspects of attending these markets or fairs, is that you get to meet the creators and owners of these creative companies. I met Alexander, the owner of Folditure, and he is simply a genius. His work is best described as architecturally crafted furniture with comfort, stability, and always has an eye-catching form in mind. With a simple movement, the elegant streamlined forms transform into super-slim designs made for easy storing.

I’ve always been a huge fan of plexglass and Lucite, so when I ran across a great company, Plexi-Craft who has partnered with Cheryl R. Riley, I knew I was in love! I loved tall of the side tables, but my favorite was the Round Target Side Table - pictured above.

Tucker Robbins furniture has a wonderful hand crafted but yet not-so-refined feeling that makes you feel like you want to pass this down to other generations. Their furniture is crafted by hand and do a wonderful job telling the story about the individuals that are making the pieces. The Geode Dresser was a beautiful piece that stood out at the show, but the Spider’s Nest Stools also were a show stopper for me  - see below.

Unique Products From ICFF That Were Too Fabulous Not To Mention

There are also many unique products that just grabbed my attention but I wouldn’t get to use them in a project. The Kiga KitchenGarden is a great product with a purpose providing simple container gardening.

There were also some really great art installations...taking a great product and multiplying the amount of pieces by such a great number that it becomes an art statement that can complement any space.

Lastly, the most fantastic use of recycled product had to be the Chubby Chairs by Dirk Vander Kooij. Each chair is made from recycled plastic from refrigerators, ground down into a paste and printed, layer by layer, gradually building up the components of the chair. The 3D-printed plastic is as durable as a hard wood, and it’s made entirely from recycled materials.

Imagine a large tube of toothpaste being squeezed out, layer by layer to create’s fantastic.

Final Thoughts From Me

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite interior decor finds at ICFF, it was certainly a high light of my trip back East. I encourage you to share any of your favorite products or thoughts in the comment section.