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Interior Design Around The World: International Interior Design Takes Us To Greece

Greek Interior Design in Santorini Over the last few weeks, we've been visiting some gorgeous homes and villas around the world. So far, we've visited the gorgeous Spain and Thailand. As I mentioned yesterday, today we're headed to Santorini, Greece to continue taking a closer look at interior design around the world. I've been lucky enough to see Santorini with my own eyes and bask in the warm sunshine while sticking my toes in the black sand, but writing this blog takes me back to a very happy few weeks in Greece. So without further ado, let's let this ship dock and get up to our beautiful villa!

Welcome To Aenaon Villas in Santorini

Aenaon Villas are a secluded housing complex of seven luxurious white washed villas built next to and on top of one another overlooking the ocean. Situated at the highest and narrowest part of Santorini, they almost balance on the very edge of the world famous Caldera between the settlements of Imerovigli and Oia. All of them are open from East to West offering breathtakingly unobstructed views of the endless blue Aegean Sea, the volcano and the most unique sunset in the world. Each villa is built in complete harmony with the region’s natural environment and follows the values of traditional Cycladic architecture whilst artfully displaying the owners’ love and devotion to elegant simplicity in every detail in the luxe white-on-white interiors.

The outside of the where we'll be staying, notice that it's surrounded by a ton of rocks. The rocks are actually volcano rocks that are the remains from the Minoan eruption of Thera, which you'll be able to take home with you. Oia had several stores that sell volcano rock accessories.

Aenaon Villas has soul and captures the mystical spirit of the once charred island using a natural tone against the unmistakable blues of the Aegean. Iain Ainsworth, founder of White Line Hotels.

I love how the interiors of this villa are all a crisp white with a black door adding a pop of color. The white interiors and exteriors really help keep the temperature of your Greek villa at a comfortable level.

Um, can I please wake up to this view? I could drink my morning coffee while laying on this white couch and soak up the morning sun with a gorgeous view.

One of my favorite aspects about this villa is that the blue waters outside add such a gorgeous element to the interiors of this villa. The natural color palette with very few colors are so beautiful and really encompass the beauty of Santorini - the outdoors!

The tall ceilings in this villa allow for the cool breeze circulate throughout this home while you take your afternoon break from the sun. The wooden accessories paired with the white linen and white washed walls make this space so calming.

Let's walk out that door and head out to take a look at the sea...

Go on, grab a piece of the fruit and walk over here.

You're almost there, keep soaking up the views and feel that salty breeze blow through your hair...

You made it! Now enjoy the views and the rest of your day. :)

Yours truly,

Thanks to Yatzer for the inspiration and content!