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Waterfront Properties That'll Leave You Wanting To Dive Further Into Summer

Waterfront Interior Designs With A View
As the temperatures outside increase in the Pacific Northwest, it make me dream about having a cold body of water nearby. With the Fourth of July behind us and a recent trip to the beach, I thought there was no better way to dedicate today's blog to stylish waterfront cabins. As I began my search for fabulous interiors of cabins and vacation homes, I quickly noticed that most waterfront homes are filled with neutral calming tones; however, style and color is definitely not forgotten in some of these summer getaways!

Even though the view's amazing, the interiors in this bedroom are just as great! The bed frame, pillows and blanket were purchased by the homeowners on a family trip to India.

I'm in love with this mid-century modern master suite, because it's adorned with subtle and unique decor, like the hammock inspired sitting chairs.

Thom Felicia let us into his home in the Finger Lakes Region to see his beautifully designed sunny, dining room that overlooks the water.

Incredible Beach Home Interiors

We're no longer cruising through lake house interiors, now we are ready to go barefoot through these beach interiors!

These windows are incredible and let you soak in the views, and the sun! This beach house, like so many others incorporates cool blue tones to compliment the authentic ocean feel.

The earthy tones and one-of-a-kind decor have aided in creating this modern, beach home retreat! Also, the rug makes me feel like I'm standing in sand.

The natural hues in this space act as though the room is merely an extension of the beach.
This Nantucket home shows off some fabulous modern decor with bright pops of color. Also, that gorgeous contemporary coffee table looks awfully similar to a table we just put into a clients home recently.
Use Your Interior Designer To Maximize Windows In Your Home

You can even work with your interior designer to strategically place your windows so that they frame the outdoors like a piece of artwork hanging on the wall.

Interior Design Advice From Garrison Hullinger

Garrison gave some of the best advice on decorating your beach home or vacation rental when I first started here at GHID. He said that you should always make sure to invest invest in nicer home decor, so that you don't have to go on your to work on your home.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some great lake side and beachfront interior decor today! Hopefully, you've been inspired to . Hop