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Sneak Peek Of The American Dream Home Decor - Made In America Pottery & Glassware

Street Of Dreams, The American Dream Westlake Development and other vendors continue working around the clock to ensure The American Dream is ready for its debut on July 24 for the Block Party. Unfortunately, the Block Party is already sold out, but those of you that have vouchers need to RSVP to Rachel with the HBA, because it's an event you won't want to miss. Although the Street of Dreams Block Party tickets are sold out, the Street of Dreams tickets are not, you can purchase your tickets here.

Locally Made Interior Decor Used In The American Dream Home

As we inch closer to the grand opening for the Street of Dreams, we're going to continue providing you with The American Dream interior decor sneak peeks. Today, we're showcasing the wonderful local artisans that specialize in making pottery and glassware. Below you'll find actual photos of the artwork that will be included in the home, as well as general artwork that local artists have made.

Oregon-Made Glass Vases

Glass artist, Tim Chilina loves the American dream and our cultural sense rugged individualism. For him, this translates into the freedom and opportunity to pursue his passion for the arts, and glass in particular. He focuses on innovation and quality rather than production and replication. This keeps his work fresh and unique while allowing him to conserve energy and materials. Each piece is crafted and edited by him, without the assistance of others. As a technical medium, glass requires a varying mix of equipment, materials, creativity, scientific knowledge, and physical skill; he finds satisfaction in the challenges posed by these components. He’s currently developing a glass formulation that will greatly enhance his ability to reuse his waste material in his work. In The American Dream home, you'll find about 35 pieces of blown glass that will be for sale throughout the show.

To learn more about his artwork or purchase his glass vessels, please visit his website.

Special Order Pottery For Clients And Galleries

Artist, Barbara Hertel started doing pottery in 1985 when she attended art school in St. Louis and has been a full time potter ever since. Her work is heavily inspired by both Frank Lloyd Wright and Henry Moore. In December 2012, she retired from doing “on the road” shows but still keeps very busy making pottery for special orders and galleries. She prides herself on trying new things, which can be seen in some of the pieces shown in The American Dream home as they reflect a new applique style.

To purchase her pottery, please visit her site.

Colorful Pottery That Captures Movement

Artist, Linda Bourne enjoys creating new shapes for vases, jars, goblets, teapots and other functional items. She creates her pottery by using colored clay that employs the ancient Japanese technique called Nerikome. Most of the exterior of her pottery is left unglazed, which really emphasizes the nature of clay and its relationship to the earth. While she creates a piece of pottery, she focusing on making each piece beautiful, unique, whimsical and or is an artistic design for an ordinary product.

For more information or to purchase her work, you can visit Ceramic Showcase and at the Celebration of Art.

Locally Made Pottery On A Potter's Wheel

Artist and Owner, Jim Wylder of The Viewcrest Studio says that each pot challenges conventional design and technical limits. He believes that the design ideas are most important, and he often times will find himself reaching back over forty years of working with clay to find new paths to follow. Although, most of his work is complete on a potter’s wheel, some pieces do combine hand- building and the potter’s wheel. His Naked Raku pots are sometimes sprayed with colored slips and burnished to reveal a lustrous surface. Every piece is completed with the Naked Raku firing technique that results in a beautifully unpredictable crackle pattern.

To learn more about his artwork, please visit his website.

Hand-Built Stoneware Using A Coil Method

Linda Kliewer is a ceramic artist living in Battle Ground, WA. She hand-builds all her pieces from stoneware using a coil method. All pieces are then uniquely carved to fit the piece she is working on, and are complete pieces after they're fired in an electric kiln. Her inspiration primarily comes from nature and her extensive garden. All pieces are one of a kind.

More information and additional work can be found at:

American-Made Art Pottery, Made In Portland, OR
Owner, Maker, Designer of JW Art Pottery, Jacquie Walton began collecting American art pottery many years before she started working in clay. Due to the potential for really great period vases costing thousands of dollars at auction, she decided to try making similar pieces for herself. It hadn't occurred to her to sell her work until a person walked into her first ceramics class and asked if she could buy one of her early vases. Since that day, many people have told her how happy they are to be able to find affordable hierloom quality American art pottery. She told me that she excited to be carrying on a great pottery tradition.
For more information about her American art pottery and pricing, visit Etsy, or "Like" her on Facebook.
Japanese Inspired Ceramic Artist
Artist, Steve Sanchez lived in Japan in the late 80's with his wife, where he was first introduced to Japanese pottery. Steve began making pottery after a bike accident; he wasn't badly hurt, but realized that he wasn't happy in his corporate job. Now, he juggles a full-time corporate job and makes pottery in his spare time. His work is directly influenced by traditional Japanese wares that possess elegance in its refined simplicity, as well as the nature that surrounds us here in the Pacific Northwest.
For more information, visit his Facebook page.
Pit-Fired Pottery
Artist, Linda Workman-Morelli found her voice as an artist while at the Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Crafts in Maine, and produces pit-fired clay vessels and sculpture with the help of her husband, Mike; together, they run Two Bears Pottery. Each of her creations are a reflection of her love for nature, and most of her work is hand-built and is suggestive of organic forms and rocks. She pit-fires her creations and once the clay is bone dry, she burnishes each piece for hours with a polished agate. Her work that is not burnished is painted with a wash of copper oxide and salt. These pieces emerge from the pit with flashes of red, yellow and orange. To complement the natural coloring, Linda adds copper or gold leaf to the surface. Due to her involvement and participation in the Oregon Potters Association, one of her pieces will soon be displayed in Japan.
For more information and to view more of her work, please visit Art Harvest Studio Tour Of Yamhill County.
Porcelain Clay Pottery Made On A Potters Wheel
Artist, Ha Austin started to pursue a path in science and healthcare until she wandered into a ceramic classroom at a community college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was immediately overtaken by the endless possibilities and freedom to explore and express herself. Ever since that day, Ha has evolved from creating pots from earthenware to functional stoneware to decorative porcelain. Since relocating to Oregon in June 2009, she has concentrated mostly on crystalline glazes in a high-fire electric kiln. All of her crystalline glazes are hand mixed and she often sprays the glazes onto her forms.
For more information, please visit her blog, or visit Love Art! Gallery and Maison des Artistes.
*You can learn more about some additional potters we were fortunate enough to work with by visiting: Bonnie Taylor-Talbot with I Paint Pictures and Steve Kelly with Kelly Pottery.
See The Street Of Dreams In Person

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2013 Street of Dreams & The American Dream “Stonehenge” in West Linn (directions available here)

38th Annual Street of Dreams @ “Stonehenge” in West Linn Saturday, July 27th thru Sun, Aug. 25th Open Every Day – 10am to 9pm $15.00 – Kids 10 & Under are Free Info:

Make sure to visit the events page for a full listing of events, special discount days + more!

We can't wait to welcome you to The American Dream, Street of Dreams home - see you soon!