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The Psychology Of A Happier Home And How Interior Designers Can Make Your Home Happier

How To Make Your Home A Happier Home Aside from work, most of us spend the second largest amount of our time at home, and in order to decompress from long days of work, we need our homes to be a space that is relaxing and comfortable. Being happy at home isn't necessarily something we consciously think about, but there are definitely ways to be happier at home. I recently ran across an infographic (informational graphic) that shows us the psychology to be happier in your home, so I wanted to share the interesting and helpful tips and tricks with you!

Design Your Home Around How You Like To Live In A Place

A Lack Of Lights Makes A Miserable Home

It's important for your home to be a comfortable and relaxing space, but it's also very important for your mental health to keep your home bright. If you have limited windows, you can make your home brighter by using lighter hues of paint color and keep your blinds and curtains drawn during the day. For those of you in the Pacific Northwest and other rainy locations, it's extremely important to reiterate to your interior designers, builders and contractors the need for as much natural light in your home. It should be an obvious ask, but it's better to be safe than sorry. See an example of how your interior designer can make your space brighter!

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The Importance Of Keeping A Clutter & Dirt Free Home

It's easy to let the mail pile up and let the clothes piles get higher, but it's proven that having a clean and clutter-free space will directly lead to a place for you to clear your mind. Make sure to work with your interior designer in coming up with custom-made storage options and it'll keep you feeling happier in the long run. Below, you'll see an example of how your interior designers can work with you for easy storage solutions.

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Tips & Tricks: Making Your Home A Happier Place

There are many easy and affordable solutions to make your home less stressful and more relaxing, for example, taking the time to tidy up a space before you leave that room, or Feng Shui. As you start designing or update an existing space in your home with your interior designers, they'll be able to create a brighter space without forcing you to purchase new windows as a method of letting all of the natural light into your home.

I am not the biggest fan of making my bed, but according to this infographic, it can lead to higher productivity and greater levels of happiness. Looks like I'll be making my bed from now on. :| While working on your floor plan with your designers, make sure to let them know where you'd like to place your bed and that you'd like thicker curtains to allow less morning light in, they can be flexible and create your design around your wants and needs. An important reminder while working with interior designers is that communication is key to a successful end product.

Even more great tips and tricks on increasing your productivity and keeping the good energy within your home are show in the infographic above. Make sure to let your interior designers know that you like earthy tones for wall paint and decor and they'll be able to pull some fabulous decor for your space.

Did you know that mirrors create energy? I had no idea, but for that reason, you shouldn't have them in your bedroom where you're trying to relax.

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See the entire infographic here.