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Get Inspired: Cool Off With Interior Designs Inspired By National Ice Cream Month

Ice Cream Inspired Interiors   

Back in 1984, President Reagan had a brilliant idea and declared the month of July as National Ice Cream Month. Ice cream can take many forms, from a big scoop in a cone to layers in a cake. Today, we're using ice cream in a somewhat different form by showing you some interior decor inspired by National Ice Cream Month! Here are some spaces designed by GHID that reflect the beauty and rich flavor ice cream always offers. Hope this post puts a cherry on top of a wonderful July.


These bright and tasty ice cream cones layer vibrancy and energy to every bite. I love that the aqua walls add a fun, playful energy to this soothing and comfortable living room, and will leave you craving more!


Nobody can resist a dark chocolaty ice cream, so of course nobody will be able to resist this chocolaty bedroom either. This room is such as rich of your last bite of that irresistible chocolate ice cream.


Lavender ice cream not only adds an element of relaxation to  your tastebuds, but using this hue and scent in your home will bring serenity and sophistication into any space.


Caramel ribbon ice cream sounds delicious, but what about swirling this tasty treat into your bedroom decor? I'm loving these beautiful, natural tones in this sweet bedroom decor.


Red velvet ice cream has made its way into this neutrally designed rooms through dollops of this cool, yet colorful treat. Are you wanting more color, or is this just the right amount to curb your cravings?


Did you ever think you'd find inspiration for your living room space in your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? After seeing this space, you might just be thinking you should ask for another scoop.


A taste of this lemon flavored ice cream will burst citrus into your home in subtle and less subtle ways.

Parting Words

I hope you enjoyed our way of celebrating this tasty month, because it was really fun finding beautifully . Do I hear the ice cream truck?

Also, I wanted to thank our intern, Sara Kuhnhausen for her help on this blog!