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2013 NW Natural Street Of Dreams, The American Dream - What The People Are Saying

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Justin Runquist with The Oregonian included in his article that:

"There was so much interest (about The Street of Dreams) that when we announced that this was the site, all seven of the lots sold in a matter of a couple of weeks," said Nancy Haskin, vice president of services and events for the Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland, which produces the show each year. "You don't find 1-acre lots in the urban growth boundary very often."

Emily with the Home Builders Association gave great statistics about the NW Natural 2013 Street of Dreams and that it's mapping to be one of the most frequented shows in the last six years.

  • Attendance: Up 30 percent for the opening three days over 2012.
  • Block Party: Highest attendance ever—more than 1,200 people.
  • Charitable Dollars Raised: The block party raised over $5,000 for the Goose Hollow Family Shelter; Another $5,000 is expected to be raised through event ticket sales.

What The People Are Saying About The Made In America Home

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Elizabeth Mollo toured all nine 2013 NW Natural Street of Dreams homes, underscoring specific features about The American Dream home that Westlake Development built:

This home was described as 'NW Comfort' and had the most intriguing backstory. Builder Gerald Rowlett explained to me that this was a Made in America showcase home, which means that 97% of every single component in the home, from the building materials to the furnishings, is from and made in the U.S. The motto is 'buy local, build local' and materials were sourced as close to the building site as possible. The home also showcases the work of local artisans and boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints ever built into any Street of Dreams home, no doubt attributed to the local sourcing of materials and furnishings. One of my favorite aspects of this home was the use of barn wood (yes, the third home to use it.) The use of barn wood in this home was different however in that the entire vaulted ceiling of the recreation room was made from this wood, making it look like they literally just took the roof off the barn and plopped it down on the house. It should be added that this wood is from the Bloomington Hills Barn built in Hillsboro in 1909, and when that wood was harvested the tree was 4-600 years old. So yeah, really old wood.

To read the entire Portland Mercury article, click here.

The American Dream, 2013 Street of Dreams Home Is Made In America

Numerous publications continue to feature the Made In America aspect of The American Dream and Gerald's motto to "buy local, build local." Barb Randall with The Lake Oswego Review mentioned that the home "boasts the lowest carbon footprint ever built in a NW Street of Dreams home." Justin Runquist with The Oregonian sets the tone for attendees by saying at the show, people can "see the first house made almost entirely of American-made materials ever to be featured at the Street of Dreams." Justin also underscores the Gerald is "trying to bring manufacturing back to the U.S."

After working at The American Dream, this room is a show stopper! Every person that walks through those doors says, "wow!" Wendy Culverwell with Portland Business Journal said that "it doesn’t get more local than the upstairs recreation room, where a 1909 barn from Hillsboro has been reassembled into an Irish pub-style recreation room." Seen above.

How To Attend The 2013 NW Natural Street of Dreams Show

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Location: 2013 Street of Dreams & The American Dream “Stonehenge” in West Linn (directions available here)

38th Annual Street of Dreams @ “Stonehenge” in West Linn Saturday, July 27th thru Sun, Aug. 25th Open Every Day – 10am to 9pm $15.00 – Kids 10 & Under are Free Info:

We can’t wait to welcome you to The American Dream now through August 25.

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