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Innovative Interior Design: Decor Ideas That Put Bikes At The Forefront Of Everyday Decor

Celebrating Portland's Providence Bridge Pedal By Looking At Interiors With Bikes With the growing movement of ‘Going Green,’ we are seeing more and more alternative ways of transportation in our city streets. Some travel by bus, others by scooter or light rail, and many travel by the ever-so-popular bicycle. The rise in popularity of riding bikes around town as an alternative method of transportation has led to bikes being a key element to avid bike riders' home decor, as well as the perfect way of showing off their eco-friendly commitment. From conveniently mounting your bike on a wall to displaying bicycle-themed art to showing off recycled bicycle decor, people everywhere are finding new and creative ways to glorify the bicycle. To celebrate Portland's Providence Bridge Pedal this weekend, we're going to take a closer look at how you can bring your  are showing off their love for bicycles in the photos below.

 Including Bike Art In Your Home Decor

I love that this piece of artwork looks as if there is an actual bicycle hanging on the wall. Large paintings like the one above are a great solution to fill a large empty space on your wall and also double as a way of personalizing your space. If biking isn't your schtick, let your imagination run wild with alternative options of oversized wall art you can incorporate into your home.

Repurposing Bike Parts For Home Decor

Who would have thought that dirty, greased up tire chains make such beautiful chandeliers?! I love the innovation and creativity that went into designing this wall sconce. It's a statement piece that will definitely make your guests take a second glance.

Multi-Purpose Decor That Acts As Storage Solutions

For those of you that live in small spaces, you have to be strategic with your decor and storage; often times, squeezing things in wherever they will fit. If bicycles are your only mode of transportation, it can be a hassle parking it in the middle of your living room everyday, so why not mount them on your wall? Within the design industry, there has been an uprise in decor that doubles as a storage option and can offer tight-spaced-dwellers with a solution to display your bike while you're not riding it!

Recycled Materials Made Into Modern Furniture

At first glance it just looks like an interesting chair, but take a closer look and you'll see that this entire chair was made out of old bike parts! This would definitely be a good showcase piece in your living room if you want people to know how much you like bicycles.

Mount Affection For Bikes On Your Wall 

Why not repurpose parts of the bike to show your love for them? Austrian designer, Andreas Scheiger did just that by transforming bike handles and seats into faux taxidermy - talk about ideal Portland hipster interior decor!

Keeping Track Of Time On Bike Spokes

If you don't know what time it is, it's time to go on a bike ride! What a fun way to show off your affection for bikes! A piece of decor like this provides function while adding a unique design element to any room.



What a cute way to display your tealights. These delicate candles inside the durable repurposed bike chains creates the perfect combination of hard and soft elements.

If you want to participate in the Providence Bridge Pedal, you can register here.