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NW Natural Street of Dreams Showcases All Things Local & All Things Made In America

Article from August 2013 issue of HBA Home Building News written by Jon Bell Nation's First Ever Made In America Street Of Dreams Show Home

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Westlake Development Group's 2013 NW Natural Street of Dreams is called The American Dream, a title that has less to do with the classic idea of attainment here in the U.S. as much, much more about just what the house is made of.


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Every single component of the home, from the VOC-inhaling Air-Renew gypsum board drywall to each and every nail, screw, nut and bolt, is made right here in America. As a result, The American Dream is the first-ever "Made in America" home to be featured in the NW Natural Street of Dreams. It's also Wesltakes's third such home and the first one ever certified by the Building a Better America Council (BBAC), a nonprofit organization founded by Wesltakes's president Gerald Rowlett. The council promotes the manufacturing, purchase and use of American-made products in the construction industry. "The impact of using all American-made materials is, we think, very substantial," said Rowlett, who heads us the BBAC. "And this is the first made in America home on the Street of Dreams, which is a pretty big deal."

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Whether made in America or made right here in Portland, this year's NW Natural Street of Dreams showcases a huge commitment to the buy-local and support-local movement that has swept through so many aspects of daily life over the past few years, from food and farming to manufacturing and building...

According to the BBAC, fewer than 70 percent of construction projects use products manufactured, finished or assembled in the U.S. Increasing that by just 5 percent could add $4 billion of incremental value and support close to 65,000 direct manufacturing jobs, according to estimates by the Boston Consulting Group...


Buy Local, Build Local - Made In America

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Garrison Hullinger, principal at Garrison Hullinger Interior Design - the designers working on the The American Dream - said he tapped into some local artisans to craft everything from custom stair railings (Master Woodworks in Salem) to a custom mosaic medallion for the master bathroom that adorns the shower walls and heated tile floor, done by tile artist Margaret Kuhn. "The other part of making buying local in our business model is the great opportunities it gives us to work with local artisans," Hullinger says. He noted that it can be a little more difficult to sift through showrooms looking for locally made and even American made products, but it's worth it.

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"I feel really lucky to work with a builder like Westlake Development. Gerald Rowlett has a passion for supporting not on regional materials and supplies but making sure the entire home is made in America." He said, adding that The American Dream's doors are from Grants Pass and interior paint is from Portland's Yolo Colorhouse. "It has made our entire design team go out and source materials that are made locally."

Beyond all the tangible local and made in America products that have gone into the homes on the 2013 NW Natural Street of Dreams, there's another massive local input as well. All builders use local contractors, subcontractors and materials as much as possible. That holds true for many construction projects, including homes on the NW Natural Street of Dreams.


Street Of Dreams Information

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