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Incorporating Collections Into Your Everyday Interior Designs - Get Inspired

General Rules Of Thumb When Creating A Collection In Your Home


Display There are basic guidelines and design principles that are helpful when putting your collection on display. Generally, a successful display involves careful consideration of the following elements:

  • Balance - objects placed in relation to one another in order to create visual stability using symmetry or asymmetry
  • Proportion - objects grouped according to size and distribution of forms
  • Visual focus/hierarchy - objects arranged in order to create focal points which attract the eye, utilizing shapes, sizes and colors
  • Repetition - objects repeated in a grouping to create visual interest and unity by considering spatialrelationships, colours, shapes or textures
  • Contrast & dynamics - objects placed in opposition or tension in order to create visual interest, involving elements such as colour (contrasting colours like red/green, blue/orange, yellow/purple), lightness and darkness, size or visual suggestion of movement (rhythmic, arrhythmic, random or directional)

Considering these and other design guidelines will create unity in your display: the eye will be engaged with all objects working together to create visual harmony.

Displaying Collections In An Artistic And Attractive Way

tastefully-showcasing-collected-antiques-and-art-in-your-home displaying collected art in your home, how to show off your collections, displaying collected art

Adding collections to the interiors of any home is a guaranteed way to personalize your space, but can also make a big statement in your overall design with the way you present your collections. Interior Design firms, like GHID, always strive to make the spaces we design personal, and there is no better way to reflect you and your passions than to design around your collections! Here are some beautiful spaces with inspiration or confirmation that your collections are worthy of being incorporated into your overall design, read on!

Gathering Items For Your Collection - The Magic Number

examples of collections displayed in homes, how to display collections in a stylish way, garrison hullinger interior design

There is no magic number, but designers general rule of thumb for displaying decor is having at least three pieces of decor, so to be on the safe side, showcase no less than three pieces for a complete collected look. If you have an underlying theme, like basketball or your favorite sports team, it is worthy of being a part of your collection. As you can see in the photo above, you can display basketballs, signed memorabilia and bobble heads as they're all related to one another.

Display Your Collection Mounted On The Wall

mount your collected art on the wall, how to mount your artwork on the wall, colorful glass art

Photo Gallery Walls That Display Your Photography

For more questions or inspiraiton of ways to display your collections and we'll feature it in an upcoming blog!