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Big Ideas For Small Spaces: How To Conquer Multi-Functioning Rooms!

How To Create Multi-Functioning Rooms In Order To Maximize Space

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Arranging and decorating small spaces or rooms can be a real challenge, so it's important to maximize it! Whether you're downsizing or have limited space, multi-funtioning rooms are the way to go! When creating these spaces it's best to follow a general set of guidelines that fit your home and your ideal vision, so we've outlined some helpful tips & tricks to get you on your way to revamping your space.

Work With Your Walls

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If you're short on kitchen storage, utilizing the wall space in your kitchen can give you more space for all of your kitchen gadgets! Instead of storing items on your counter, use hooks and free-floating shelves to hang them. In multi-functioning spaces, your walls will become your new best friend! They are perfect for that extra storage space and enable easy access for those popularly used items!

Keep it Clutter Free For A Larger Feeling Space

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In order to keep your space clutter-free, you need to invest in space saving decor with some much needed additional storage! A dual purpose bench and storage unit is both functional and stylish, which allows for more floor space and hidden clutter.

Bring In More Natural Light Into Your Space

ways to make your space seem brighter, small space solutions, ways to incorporate more natural light

The perfect lighting is useful in all types of homes but when it comes to smaller spaces, your lighting is usually limited! Thats why it's crucial to let in the most natural light you can, which we've done through a custom mirror wall panel and makes this space appear even larger.

Convert Unused Space Into A Fully Functional Space

turning unused space into a functional office, hallway turned closet, multi-functional spaces

Converting an unused hall space is an easy and quick way to create a two-in-one living space. Make sure you have ample storage so you can simply put your papers into a drawer and shut it away!

Transform Your Space From Office To Bedroom 

Murphy Bed, Hide a way bed, Interior design bedroom inspiration

Beds take up a lot of floor space, so by creating a custom murphy bed like the one above is a great design choice when looking to maximize your space. As you can see,  functionality is no excuse for a lack of style here!

I hope these tips and tricks help you create simplify your space by creating more multi-functioning rooms in your home!