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Interior Design Trends: Five Fall Favorites That You Need to Try This Season

Fall interior design trends

With the turn of a new season, there is always a need to learn about the latest trends. This fall, we are seeing a few repeat trends we saw during the prior seasons, such as geode patterns and statement walls, and although popular trends like these often stick around for a few seasons after they're introduced, there are always new, cutting edge styles worth trying out! So without further adieu, here are our picks for the hottest interior design trends for fall! Enjoy!


Bring In The Shine With Mixed Or Matching Metallics

Last season we were seeing a lot of brass and nickel. This season, we are seeing metallics around the board, from gold to silver. Metallics add another dimension to any room, so get some depth and incorporate a metallic piece next time you decide to decorate your interiors!


Repurposing Or Upcycling The Old For The New

using recycled materials in interior design, how to upcycle in your home, upcycling inspiration for your interiors

For those that don't know what upcycling is, it is the act of taking old materials that would have otherwise gone to waste and transform them into something amazing. If you were lucky enough to visit our house in this year's Street of Dreams, you would have seen our beautiful rec room. The ceiling of the rec room is the perfect example of upcycling. The rich wooden planks were actually taken from an old barn!

Incorporate Classic Patterns And Masculine Prints 

Tartan and plaid have made a comeback! They are invading this season's runways, and with every clothing trend, there is almost always overlap into the interior design world.

Imbue Your Home WIth An Industrial Edge 

Studs, brads, rivets, and all metal accents in between add an industrial toughness to any interior space. If you are interested in the wallpaper displayed above, check out Phillip Jefferies' website.

Emerald And Geodes Collide

What I love most about the malachite trend is that it combines two of this year's most popular trends into one: Geodes and Emerald, which was named Pantone's Color of the Year.

Hopefully this post has left you inspired to stay cutting edge and in-the-know. Let us know if you end up trying out any of these trends in your space! We'd love to see!