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3 Stand Out Concepts In Design To Consider for Your Next Remodel: 2013 Seattle Modern Home Tour

2013 Seattle Modern Home Tour

In last two weeks, Seattle's Modern Home Tour kicked off their second annual showcase, opening up eight of the leading homes in modern architecture to the public. While we were not there to witness these modern beauties, they shared several big ideas in architecture and design. Here are three concepts we picked out that you may consider integrating into your next redesign!


Designing Around the Environment

Certified as LEED-platinum, the Ellis family residence is cutting-edge by incorporating nature’s cycle in the home design. The 3 bedroom/3 bath, 2500 square foot home boasts two rainwater collection barrels and an infrastructure designed around the sun’s rise and fall which retains heat through geothermal properties. These features lead to a decrease in energy use and therefore, lower energy bills. Due to these environmentally conscious designs, the Ellis home uses 70% less energy compared to other homes with the same square footage. Many homes also incorporated similar ideas or LED lighting to cut energy use and cost long-term. Those savings add up!


Incorporating Natural Materials Indoors

The majority of the featured homes also utilized natural materials, straying from man-made supplies like plastics, brick, and foams. Instead, designers opted to use naturally derived resources like wood, steel, and concrete to create eco-friendly design. Tour properties like the Lake Union Loft, the NE 59th home, and the Atrium House use the above supplies a diverse way. These materials can be employed your home in various ways from flooring, to countertops, to accenting. Reused or repurposed materials are also a smart move towards sustainability, as we did in our Street of Dreams Made in America design with recycled barn siding as ceiling panels in the rec room.


Bringing the Outside In

The majority of homeowners wanted to bring their views inside, like the South Lake Sammamish residence, which connects the home with the water’s edge. In keeping with the idea of integrating nature in terms of functionality and materials, all of the homes in the tour included large windows showcasing their often picturesque views of the Pacific Northwest. Expansive areas of glass allow the light to beam inside your home, creating a warm, welcoming, vibrant space. Large windows also make a home appear to be larger, as it extends the space to the outdoors.

When you are planning a remodel on your home, consult the environment in your potential plan in addition to your interior designer. Integrating nature in your home in terms of construction, design, and materials can provide you lowered energy use and cost savings with expansive views of the outdoors. With perks like this, you’ll never want to leave the house!

Thank you to Melissa Manser for the help drafting this post!