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The Five Best Kitchen Countertops From Your GHID Experts!

GHID Designers Tell Us Their Favorite Countertops!

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Selecting a kitchen countertop is one of the most important surfaces to select in your kitchen, so we've asked some of our GHID designers to share their top five favorite surfaces to use. They have let me know that when they are choosing which surface to use in their designs, they take the following into consideration when selecting your perfect countertop: color, finish, and durability. These five countertops provide a broad range of design tastes, but they all received the stamp of approval from our experts!


The Island Countertop Used In The Street Of Dreams Home

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This kitchen features the countertop, Bianco Antico, which is a white and grey based granite with a glossy finish that is perfect for complimenting other white surfaces! The countertop was a showstopper at the Street of Dreams, because it is subtle in color, but has gorgeous details.


The Perfect Countertop To Hide Any Messes

Brown Anitco creates a sense of warmth in the kitchen and can hide all of those messes left behind by your little ones. The layered detail of Brown Antico can help bring out multiple colors in a room, or be the conversation-starter surface in your kitchen.


Earth Toned Kitchen Countertops

Golden Lightning has a polished finish which makes for a bold impact when the finish is complimented with similar tones, but even the smallest amounts of this countertop can create a daring statement!


Concrete Is No Longer Just For Sidewalks

The great part about concrete for your kitchen countertop is that it's available in a wide range of hues. Can you believe it? A benefit of using concrete is that it can give your kitchen an industrial feeling in your space. One way you can play into your porous countertop is by putting a thin protective layer, so that over time things you leave on the countertop will age the surface.


Island Countertops That Have Crystal Deposits

The crystal deposits and flecks of silver in the Diamond Arrow countertop create a sophisticated appearance that looks great with both black and brown cabinets. This sophisticated natural stone compliments many design styles including the modern home, as well as stainless steel appliances.

If you want more information about these surfaces, ask your questions in the comments section or on our Facebook page. We are also happy to specify a countertop for your home project, so give us a call 971.255.0326.