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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary On Houzz

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Celebrates 3 Years On Houzz Today is a day to celebrate, because three years ago today, Garrison signed up for a Houzz account. This platform allows people to easily share our completed projects with an online community of designers, contractors, builders, architects, vendors and your everyday-users that need inspiration for their upcoming, or current home projects. Although Houzz has been an extremely successful and interactive tool for GHID to use, Garrison and the team have spent countless hours uploading newly completed projects, answered thousands of questions in a timely manner, but without doing that, GHID could not have been able to inspire as many people. As a way of celebrating our three-year anniversary, we are going to walk through photos that GHID has uploaded to Houzz and how many times we have inspired home projects.


The photo that took Garrison to Houzz

The first photo Garrison came upon within Houzz was one that reminded him of he and his partners’ home in San Francisco; Before Garrison even came to know his talent. As Garrison always says, “while working for the Gap, I would remodel my own homes to move up in the San Francisco economy, but didn't realize I could make my love for design a full-time position.” This photo of an art gallery down a hallway has been added to over 35,000 ideabooks on Houzz.


GHID’s Highest Rankng Photo within other's Ideabooks On Houzz

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Since Garrison’s first uploaded photo, he has uploaded 360 more photos and answered hundreds of questions as quickly as he could. The Camelia Court home was featured in Portrait of Portland and is our most added photo to Houzz ideabooks, racking in a total of 104,000 adds, and we've answered over 125 questions answered on this one photo! This kitchen is also in the top 25 out of 371,460 kitchen design photos.


More Than 40 Photos Have Been Added To Over 10,000 Ideabooks

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Over 40 of our photos have been added to more than 10,000 ideabooks, but Garrison attributes part of his success on Houzz to sharing as much product information as possible, which allows others to replicate the design elements. He says, “I love answering questions for Houzz members, because it allows me to see what really interests people about how we design and what products we use.”

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We look forward to inspiring many more people and designing homes for people across the U.S.  We encourage you to share your all-time favorite GHID photo in the comments section, or on our Facebook page!